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Top Tips COD Mobile Battle Royale Guide

COD Mobile has dropped and we’ve been playing flat out to bring you this guide on the Battle Royale side of the game. In this guide, we dive deep into the Call of Duty Battle Royale mode. Giving you some great tips along the way.

We look at elements of the game such as the ranking system, rarity system the loot follows and various game modes.

We have also provided a map with links to more guides on the Mystery Box locations, where to find Cerberus(the Bozz Zone) and all the locations for the chip upgrade terminals.

Use the table below to quickly find what you are looking for…

What is COD Mobile and How to Play it?
Platform Availability
Ranking System
Game Modes
COD Mobile Map
Rarity System
Weapon Variants
Ammo Types
Battle Pass

What is COD Mobile Battle Royale and How Do I Play It?

Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale is a game mode within Call of Duty Mobile. It is Call of Duty’s first mobile-only battle royale mode. This guide goes in-depth into the Battle Royale mode of COD Mobile. 

The theme follows the same pattern as all Battle Royales. Players jump from an airship into a map with nothing but a knife. They must scavenge the area they land in looking for weapons and equipment. They then must take out all the other players to be the last alive to win. 

However, players cannot camp in one area and wait for enemies to come to them. The gameplay is kept moving by an ever-shrinking circle. At timed intervals, the circle will begin to close and players must get to the safe zone or risk losing damage or even dying in the danger zone.

Platform Availability 

Call of Duty Mobile is available to play on Android and iOS devices. However, not all phones will run this game. The specifications for Android devices are 2GB ram and Android 5.1 and up. You can check your Androids specs by going to the settings and checking your system information.

For iOS users, you need to be running at least iOS 9 or later. Again you can check this in your system settings. 

You can also play COD Mobile on PC. If you want to play the game on PC using an emulator check out our step by step guide here.

Ranking System

COD Mobile BR features a ranking system with a total of 26 levels to progress through every Season. Below is a table of each rank and rewards received at each ranked.

Rookie I1x Weapon XP
Rookie II1x Weapon XP
Rookie III1x Weapon XP
Rookie IV2x Weapon XP
Rookie V2x Weapon XP
Veteran I2x Weapon XP, Item or Skin
Veteran II3x Weapon XP
Veteran III3x Weapon XP
Veteran IV3x Weapon XP
Veteran V4x Weapon XP
Elite I4x Weapon XP, Item or Skin
Elite II4x Weapon XP
Elite III4x Weapon XP
Elite IV5x Weapon XP
Elite V5x Weapon XP
Pro I5x Weapon XP, Item or Skin
Pro II5x Weapon XP
Pro III5x Weapon XP
Pro IV6x Weapon XP
Pro V6x Weapon XP
Master I6x Weapon XP, Item or Skin
Master II6x Weapon XP
Master III6x Weapon XP
Master IV6x Weapon XP
Master V6x Weapon XP
Legendary6x Weapon XP, New Operator

Battle Royale Challenges

Players are given new challenges to complete every week. Each challenge completed rewards the player with COD points and Supply Drops. Challenges such as play 10 games of Battle Royale, play using 2 perks in Battle Royale and win 2 games, etc.

Game Modes

There are numerous ways you can play the Battle Royale Game Mode. Check out the low down on all the ways below.


In Singles mode you jump into a game alone. Only you and your wits on your side. 


Doubles allows you to play with a friend or a randomer if you have none. When you enter a Doubles game alone you will be thrown into a lobby matched with a random player. 


This game mode is great for groups of friends that like to team up. A maximum of 4 players can be in a squad together. Similar to doubles, if you enter a squads game alone you will be matched with 3 other randoms.


FPP is an acronym for First-Person Perspective. This means you will see the world from the first person. The same as the view in Call of Duty Multiplayer mode.


Third Person Perspective means you will play the game with the camera a little bit behind your in-game character. Some people prefer this way. 

Note: You can change your camera view after the match has begun.


You also have the ability to play Battle Royale in a private lobby. Here you can set how many players are in the match and you can invite friends to join. It also gives you the option to choose which map you would like to play on. Hinting at more maps to come in the future. 

COD Mobile BR Map – Isolated

Isolated is the featured map in Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale. It is a collection of maps from old Call of Duty titles including some fresh locations to boot.

Below is the outlay of the map. If you are looking for more in-depth guides on the map. Check out our other guides below.

COD Mobile Map Layout

Rarity System

There are 4 types of rarities in the game. Attachments and equipment follow this rarity system. Each level of rarity alters the attachment or equipment’s ability in some way.

COD Mobile Rarity System
Common(the worst)White
Legendary(the best)Orange


Below is a table of all the weapons available in COD Mobile Battle Royale. The weapons are categorized based on the weapon type. For example, Assault Rifles. SMGs, LMGs, etc. 

Click on the weapon name to see an in-depth review on the weapon

Assault RiflesAK-47, AK117, ASM10, M4, Type 25, M16,
SMGAKS-74u, Chicom, MSMC, PDW-57
Sniper RiflesArctic .50, M21 EBR, XPR-50
ShotgunBY15, Striker
PistolMW11, J358
LauncherFHJ-18, SMRS

Weapon Variants

Controversially, COD Mobile Battle Royale contains variants that alter the weapons performance. These weapons are most likely obtained in Air Drops and through purchasing them in the Store. 

Arctic .50 Exotic

The Arctic .50 Exotic is one example of a weapon variant in the game. It comes equipped with a long barrel and a digital scope that highlights enemies. It is most commonly found in Air Drops and can be found as floor loot on rare occasions.

COD Mobile Weapon Variant

Ammo Types

There are several types of ammunition in the game. Below we will list all the types of ammunition and each weapon they are compatible with.

COD Mobile Ammo Types
9mmMW11, AKS-74u, Chicom, MSMC, PDW-57
7.62mmASM10, AK-47, AK117, ASM10, Arctic .50, M21 EBR, XPR-50
5.56mmM4, Type 25, M4 LMG, RPD
.45 calJ358
12 GuageBY15, Striker
RocketsFHJ-18, SMRS


Attachments come in all types and are suited for different weapons. Attachments in COD Mobile BR also follow the same rarity system explained above.

The table below shows all the attachments starting with the muzzle of the gun to the stub.

SuppressorAll Weapons
SG Suppressor(ShotgunsBY15, Striker
Laser SightAK-47, AK117, ASM10, M4, Type 25, AKS-74u, Chicom, MSMC, PDW-57
ForegripAK-47, AK117, ASM10, M4, Type 25, AKS-74u, Chicom, MSMC, PDW-57, M4 LMG, RPD
Light MagAKS-74u, Chicom, MSMC, PDW-57, MW11, J358
Heavy MagAK-47, AK117, ASM10, M4, Type 25, Arctic .50, M21 EBR, XPR-50
SG Mag(Shotguns)BY15, Striker
QuickdrawAll Weapons
Tactical Scope(4x,3x,2x, standard)AK-47, AK117, ASM10, M4, Type 25, AKS-74u, Chicom, MSMC, PDW-57, M4 LMG, RPD, Arctic .50, M21 EBR, XPR-50
Red Dot SightAK-47, AK117, ASM10, M4, Type 25, AKS-74u, Chicom, MSMC, PDW-57, M4 LMG, RPD
Holographic SightAK-47, AK117, ASM10, M4, Type 25, AKS-74u, Chicom, MSMC, PDW-57, M4 LMG, RPD
StockAK-47, AK117, ASM10, M4, Type 25, AKS-74u, Chicom, MSMC, PDW-57, M4 LMG, RPD, Arctic .50, M21 EBR, XPR-50

Attachments in the game follow the same rarity as mentioned above. Here is a table showing the effects of each attachment rarity. 

COD Mobile Attachment types
Common(the worst)Standard
Legendary(the best)Significantly 


Healing Equipment


The Andrenaline shot is by far the best healing item in the game. It fully heals you and increases your max health to 150. It takes 8 seconds to use so make sure to find cover before using it.

COD Mobile Adrenaline

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kits are great to have handy. They restore 80 Health Points. However, they take 8 seconds to use so best to hide in a building or go prone before applying the first aid kit.

COD Mobile First Aid


These are the worst of the healing items but still very useful to have if you have taken a few unwanted shots. They are quick and easy to use taking 4 seconds in total to apply.

COD Mobile Hemostatic

Lethal Equipment

Cluster Grenades

Cluster Grenades make their way over from Blackout. These little bad boys stick to where you throw them and explode into a cluster of smaller explosions. 

COD Mobile Cluster Grenade

Frag Grenades

Frags are your standard cookable grenade. Find an enemy and chuck a grenade at them. It’s as simple as that.

COD Mobile Frag Grenade

Tactical Equipment


Flashbangs are tactical that blind the enemy on detonation. They have been in Call of Duty since forever. 

COD Mobile Flashbang


Similar to the flashbang, concussions have been in COD for a long time. Concussions slow down and disorientate the enemy on detonation. 

COD Mobile Concussion

Nova Gas

Nova Gas makes a return from Black Ops 1. This yellow canister exploded on detonation and releases a toxic green gas that deals 13 damage points per second.

COD Mobile Nova Gas

Serial Bomb

The Serial Bomb is a two in one. It has both the effects of a Shock Grenade and a Flashbang. On detonation, it exploded multiple times. 

COD Mobile Serial Bomb

Smoke Grenades

Smoke grenades are your typical smoke grenades we are used to seeing in Call of Duty. It creates a smokescreen that disrupts enemy vision. It slowly fades away shortly after. 

COD Mobile Smoke Grenade


At the start of every match, you are required to choose a perk. This is similar to choosing an operator with different special abilities. Unlike Blackout from Black Ops 4, the perks are not a collectible item.

Each perk class has a usable device and an ability. Check out all the perks below. 


DEVICEEjection Device: A catapult that ejects you and your team into the sky. 
ABILITYLightweight: Can fly for longer when in the wingsuit.
COD Mobile Airborne Perk


DEVICEToy Bomb: Explosive Toys that explode and summons Zombies that attack enemies.
ABILITYAnti Zombie: Zombies become less aware of your presence. Reduces their awareness distance to 15m
COD Mobile Clown Perk


DEVICETransform Shield: Deployable shield that sends out a huge blinding flash upon placement
ABILITYReinforced: Reduces damage from everything accept gunfire by 20%
COD Mobile Terminal Perk


DEVICEEMP Drone: Fly a drone that takes down enemy electronics.
ABILITYEngineer: See enemy vehicles, traps, and equipment from 80 meters away.
COD Mobile Mechanic Perk


DEVICEMedical Station: A placeable medical station that heals you and your teammates. 
ABILITYMedic: Heal yourself and knocked downed teammates 20% faster. 
COD Mobile Medic Perk


DEVICEGrapple Hook: Shoot a grappling hook that pulls you to the target
ABILITYDead Silence: Reduce sounds and footsteps made when moving
COD Mobile Ninja Perk


DEVICESensor Dart: A deployable sensor dart that tags hostiles on the radar map(within the darts radius).
ABILITYTracker: Reveal enemy footprints for several seconds
COD Mobile Scout Perk


There are 2 types of currency in this game. COD Points and Credits. The Credit earning system is actually quite generous in COD Mobile. 

After a few days playing, you could probably buy the Season Pass with Credits earned instead of buying it with your own money.

After 4 days of playing the game every evening, we spent our Credits on the Premium Battle Pass. Essentially getting the Battle Pass for free. 

COD Points

COD Points are purchased with real money by using a credit/debit card. Players can then use the COD Points to purchase items in the store or the Battle Pass


Credits are earned through completing in-game challenges. Players can then spend the credits in the store. 

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is an in-game purchasable product. Upon playing the game everyone has access to the free Battle Pass. 

Similar to Battle Passes from other Battle Royale games. It is an in-game progression system built on tiers. Every game you play and action performed in-game counts towards progressing up the ranks and unlocking new gear. 

There is a Premium Battle Pass and Premium PLUS Battle Pass available to purchase. The Premium Pass rewards better loot and the Premium PLUS rewards even better loot. The Premium Pass can be purchased for 640 credits and the Premium Plus pass costs 1360 credits.