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NFS Heat Fastest Money Making Methods

Making money in Need for Speed Heat is actually not that difficult. You just need to know what you’re doing.

This guide lists the best possible ways to game the system and make as much money as possible.

It is important to note that the money earned per race or event will depend on your level in the game. People who have a higher level will earn a lot more than someone who is at a low level. Sometimes even triple the cash per race completed.

So with that in mind, check out our list of the best methods to earn some quick cash in Need for Speed Heat.

Game Time Trials

Probably the easiest and fastest method of making money in Need for Speed Heat is beating time trials.

However, you won’t be beating them in the traditional sense. This method involves starting the trial and getting a large lead ahead of the ghost car. Then, wait just before the finish line for the ghost car to catch up. Just when you see the Ghost car approaching drive over the finish line.

When repeating the trial. Just keep beating your time by a few seconds every time. This can be repeated and you will still earn the full cash available as long as you beat your last time.

Some of the best time trials include:

  • Heights Time Trial
  • Trouble Time Trial
  • Thread The Needle Time Trial

Do Races on Repeat

Completing races is a sure way to make money playing the game. Just make sure you’re racing in the daytime. Daytime races earn you cash while night time races earn you rep.

While you progress through the races. Try taking note of the races that earn a big payout. For the maximum effectiveness, it should be a balance between money earned and the time it takes to complete the race.

Some high paying races to repeat include:

  • The Resort Circuit
  • Sonic, 
  • J Storm, 
  • Helios 2, 
  • Columbia, 
  • Rear Bear
  • Streamliner

However, when you complete the race, don’t just keep repeating the race. If you do this you will make less money each time.

To get around this simply pause the game and jump to the garage. This resets your day and also resets the race earnings you have just completed. 

If you don’t notice a difference. Leave the lobby and join a new game for a full reset.

The Resort Circuit Money Farm

The Resort Circuit can be exploited to bag you tonnes of cash in a short amount of time. Complete the race twice, then fast travel to your garage. Then back to the race. Keep repeating this until you get tired. 

Potential earning per hour

  • Race time: 2 minutes
  • Race amount: 2 per garage visit
  • Total cash per 2 races: 38,500
  • Total cash per hour: 462,000 estimated

Nearly half a million bucks per hour is pretty sweet.

Complete All Collectibles

The collectibles are a nice way to earn money and rep at the start of the game. Especially for people just hopping into the game that don’t have all the races mentioned above unlocked. 


Smashing billboards is a fun and easy way to earn quick cash at the start of a game. Each billboard you break earns you a total of 2500 in cash.

With a total of 85 billboards, you can earn a total of 212,500 bucks. You could complete them all in about an hour if you went hard.

Check out our billboard location guide so you know exactly where to find them.

Potential earning per hour: 212,500


Flamingos are scattered throughout Palm City and similar to billboards, smashing each flamingo earns you 2500 in cash. With a total of 100 flamingos in the city. Destroying them all bags you a total of 250,000 cash. You could collect them all in just over an hour if you start now.

Moreover, if you don’t know where the flamingos are. Check out our in-depth guide on how to find all the flamingos fast in Need for Speed Heat.

Potential earning per hour: 250,000 plus tonnes of Rep.

Drift Zones

Drift Zones are zones you drift in to earn money. They follow the same 3-star system as the other activities and collectibles in the game. Each time you complete a 1-star worthy drift you’re going to earn at least 3000. 

Check out the Drift Zone named Hairpin Smoke in Palm City Raceway. This is quite an easy drift and earns you 3225 per 20,000 point drift. You can complete the entire track in about 40 seconds(speed-dependent).

In addition, drifting for an hour will improve your drifting skills a lot. This will make it so much easier to complete the other drifting challenges and missions in the game.

Potential earning per hour

  • Drift Time: 40 seconds average
  • Earnings per 20,000 drift score: 3225
  • Total cash per hour: 290,250

Speed Traps

Speed Traps are scattered through the map and quite easy to find. All you need to do is speed through the line at the maximum speed possible. If you get 1 star each time you pass. This will rewards you at least 1600 bucks. 

Therefore, even if you were just getting the bare minimum 1 star. You could bag yourself a lot of cash in no time.

There is an easy Speed Trap named Downhill Is Better. It’s at the bottom of the hill east of Blackwood Heights. Each 1 star you gain rewards you $1613 and every 2 stars you gain rewards you $2419. It takes about a minute to clear the speed trap twice approaching from the bottom and from the top of the hill.

Potential earning per hour

  • Per run(same Speed Trap twice): 4032
  • Time per run: 1 minute
  • Total cash per hour: 4032 x 60 = 241,920

Keep in mind this is the minimum. If you can get even more stars that means even more cash per hour.

Long Jump 

Long Jumps are no different to Speed Traps and Drift Zones. Once more they are based on a 3-star system. You can do the same method as mentioned above to easily farm a lot of cash.

Check out the Long Jump named the Ice Cream Van in Downtown Palm City. Each run back and forth takes about 30 seconds. If you can get 2 stars that’s $4,838 each run.

Potential earning per hour

  • Run time: 30 seconds
  • Cash per 2 stars: 4838
  • Total cash per hour: 580,560

Join a Crew

Joining a crew is a sure way to bag you some extra cash and rep. Depending on the level of the crew. You could end up making a total of 10% more cash and rep per event. All you gotta do is complete events and races with your crew. 

For example, The Resorts Circuit race in Palm City Raceway earns you 22,293. Simply doing this race with your crew members will bag you 24,522. 

You’ll essentially be earning cash 10% faster.

Play Online

Yes, there is actually a benefit to playing online and that’s more cash. While in online mode, when you enter a race it will give the option of challenging a party or everyone in the lobby.

Simply by playing against other people, you’ll earn yourself an extra 40% cash bonus.

As an example, we’ll use the same race as above. The Resorts Circuit earns you 22,293. So taking part with another player online will give you 31,210.

Again, that’s not a bad boost in earnings for simply racing against another player. Most of the time players are up for the challenge so it shouldn’t be difficult finding a racer.

Complete Racer Challenges

This one may seem like a no brainer. However, make sure to turn on your racer challenges every time you hop into a game.

These are normally quite easy to complete and can earn you some quick and easy cash. They can also be a challenge sometimes which keeps the game interesting.