NFS Heat All Billboard Locations Map

Asking yourself where all the Billboards are in Need for Speed Heat? You’ve got an itch to rally up some ramps and smash some billboards right?

We understand that’s why we made this guide so you can easily find all the billboards in Palm City. There are a total of 85 billboards scattered throughout Palm City.

Finding and smashing them all will reward you with the Nissan GTR Nismo. This car is worth 165,000 bucks. Not bad! You will also be rewarded with the A Bit of Paradise Trophy on completion.

Moreover, you will be given about 28 RP and 2500 bucks every time you smash a billboard. The Rep rewarded also depends on the level you are currently on. For example, a player on level 20 RP will be rewarded more points than a player on level 5. The cash earned stays the same regardless of the level.

Essentially smashing all the billboards rewards you with a total of 212,500 bucks in cash and 2380 RP minimum(level dependent).

Similar to collecting flamingos, you probably know where some of them are already. This is because when you drive close to them, the location unlocks on the map.

However, you may not have explored a lot of the map yet. As a result, it can take a lot of time to look for the various locations. This map makes it a lot easier to find them all. 

Below you will find a map of all the billboard locations marked on the Palm City map. This is for quick reference. However, we have broken down the map by area along with each billboard location within that area. This should make it super quick and easy to find them all. 

Locations List

Here is a table of the billboards broken down by location. Click on a location to quickly jump to a map of the billboards in that location.

Need for Speed Heat Billboard Locations Map


Number of billboards in the Rockville District:

  • 4 billboards


Number of billboards in the Cloudbank District:

  • 4 billboards

Sandpiper Forest

Number of billboards in the Sandpiper Forest:

  • 4 billboards


Number of billboards in the Westside District:

  • 4 billboards

Bayview Park

Number of billboards in the Bayview Park District:

  • 5 billboards

Eden Shores

Number of billboards in the Eden Shores District:

  • 5 billboards

Downtown Palm City

Number of billboards in the Downtown Palm City:

  • 5 billboards

Palm City Raceway

Number of billboards in the Palm City Raceway District:

  • 4 billboards

Mendoza Keys

Number of billboards in the Mendoza Keys District:

  • 5 billboards

Grenada Wetlands

Number of billboards in the Grenada Wetlands District:

  • 5 billboards

Cape Castille

Number of billboards in the Cape Castille District:

  • 5 billboards

Fairview Fields

Number of billboards in the Fairview Fields:

  • 5 billboards

Sandino Ranches

Number of billboards in the Sandino Ranches District:

  • 5 billboards

Edgewood Valley

Number of billboards in the Edgewood Valley District:

  • 5 billboards

Blackwood Heights

Number of billboards in the Blackwood Heights:

  • 3 billboards

Fort Callahan

Number of billboards in the Fort Callahan:

  • 5 billboards

Frontera Hills

Number of billboards in the Frontera Hills:

  • 6 billboards

Port Murphy

Number of billboards in the Port Murphy:

  • 6 billboards


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