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COD Mobile Map Features & Locations

Are you wondering where the boss is in COD Mobile? Or maybe you want to know where to find the mystery box. We got you covered. This guide will take you through all the features and locations in COD Mobile’s Battle Royale Map: Isolated.

Isolated is the featured map in Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale. It is a collection of maps from old Call of Duty titles including some fresh locations to boot. Isolated is a mountainous region with valleys, forests, towns, and villages. 

We will discuss all the features of Isolated below. However, go here if you want to know the best drop locations for loot in Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale.

COD Mobile Map Features

Isolated Features

Air Drops

Like all Battle Royales, there is an airdrop system. Air Drops come at intervals throughout the game and drop a large crate full of weapons and equipment. Often high-quality loot. 

You also have the chance to find a weapon variant within an Air Drop crate. Therefore, it is always worth going for if it lands near you.

However, be very careful. Enemy players will often be watching the crate for anyone brave enough to loot it. So you may be taken out on approach.

Boss Zone – Cerberus

Who wants to fight a giant fire zombie dog? Those who played the Black Ops Zombies series will remember Cerberus. Well, he’s made a return as a boss in COD Mobile Battle Royale. Cerberus can be found in Farm.

Cerberus Location COD Mobile BR

Players need to walk into the Boss Zone and wait for Cerberus to spawn. If you defeat him he drops lots of loot. There is also a chance of Zombies spawning at Farm. Which means the mystery box is not too far away.

Chip Upgrade Terminal

Chip upgrade terminals are scattered throughout the world of Isolated. They are small diamond-shaped terminals that on activation, boosts players perk abilities. You will know your perk ability has been upgraded by it changing to purple. 

Terminal Upgrade Station COD Mobile BR

Chip upgrade terminals normally have weapon crates on each side of them. So they are a good place to drop too. The terminals are not available immediately at the start of the game. They take a while to come online. You will be given a heads up by the in-game AI when they are online.

Medic Box

Medic Boxes can be found throughout Isolate. They usually contain first aid kits and sometimes adrenaline shots. 

Medic Box COD Mobile BR

Mystery Box

Yet another Zombies feature returns to COD Mobile Battle Royale. The mystery box can spawn in several locations throughout Isolated. Zombies will also spawn nearby. Upon killing all the zombies, players can open the mystery box.

The mystery box is packed full of high-level loot including guaranteed Level 3 armor. The mystery box can spawn in Nuketown, Diner, Bus Station, Forest(in the graveyard), and sometimes Farm.

Supply Boxes

Supply Boxes are found throughout the map at pretty much every location. They tend to contain weapons and equipment ranging from standard to high tier loot. 

COD Mobile Supply Box Locations


Ziplines can be used to get around the map quicker. You will see them throughout the map. They are yellow with flashing red lights indicating where you can connect to the Zipline.

They are good for getting around the map quicker or escaping a doomed gunfight.

COD Mobile Zipline Locations


Zombies spawn near the mystery box. Players need to eliminate all the zombies to gain access to the mystery box.

Be careful, the zombies are quite strong and you could easily find yourself eliminated if they surround you. Just like in Call of Duty Zombies, the zombies will hit you to deal damage. 

Zombies also spawn upon the use of the Clown Perk. (see perk section below).


There are 6 vehicles in COD Mobile Battle Royale. Each vehicle serves its purpose in different situations.

Antelope A20

The Antelope A20 is made for squads because it’s a full-on Assault Vehicle. It seats 3 passengers. 1 in the driver’s seat, the other as a passenger and the third manning the turret machine gun.

Antelope A20 COD Mobile


Who doesn’t love buzzing around on a quad? This all-terrain vehicle is fast but noisy and can get up the steepest terrain. The ATV seats 2 people.

ATV COD Mobile


The speed boat is not really used often in the game. Due to the location of the main river, it is not needed often. However, it is a fun and fast vehicle to fly around in. Up to 4 players can ride the boat.

COD Mobile Boat


The Helicopter is great fun in COD Mobile. Really useful if you want to quickly escape the circle or get somewhere on the map. The Helicopter can hold 4 passengers. 

Helicopter COD Mobile


The ORV is a 4×4 off-road vehicle made for squads. It can get around fast and climb all the steep terrain throughout Isolated. It holds 4 passengers


The Motorcycle was released at the start of Season 3. It is fast and very useful for getting around the map with your friends. It is also quite fun for off-roading and stunt jumps.