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Top 5 Ways To Earn Rep Need For Speed Heat

Rep is the most important element of Need for Speed Heat. If you don’t gain Rep you won’t unlock any parts to level up your car. Moreover, you have to race in the night in order to gain Rep.

This can be quite difficult because the cops in NFS Heat are very aggressive especially when you get past heat level 3. We’re talking stingers, chargers, and helicopters hunting you down in order to steal your hard-earned Rep.

Players always wonder what is the best way to gain Rep and in the fastest time possible. 

This is why we made this guide on how to gain Rep fast. We go through a few obvious ways and some advanced ways to earn Rep in Need for Speed Heat.

What is important when earning Rep?

Your heat level is the most important aspect when it comes to earning Rep. The higher the heat level, the more Rep you will make. Essentially, the total Rep you earn in a night is multiplied by your heat level. For example, take a look at the scenario below.

How Heat and Rep work

  • Rep earned: 4500
  • Heat Level: 3
  • Total Rep earned: 13500 (4500 x 3)

So obviously getting a higher heat level pays off in the end. This is why the car you use is very important.

To be clear, the car you use is very important when it comes to earning Rep. To earn a large amount of Rep you need a car fast enough to escape the cops and fast enough to win races.

You see a lot of guides online that will tell you how you can earn 4,000,000 Rep in 1 night. However, that’s simply not going to happen for someone starting out. You need to level up first and play through the campaign until you have enough to buy the big cars.

But you can buy fast cars fairly early on that are enough to fight off the cops and win the tougher races.

Great Fast Cars to Unlock Early On

  • ALFA Romeo – Giulia Quad ‘16.
  • Beetle 63’ – seriously, when it’s upgraded its a rocket!
  • Ferraris and Lambos are also unlocked early post Rep level 20.

Rep Method 1: Race at night

If you’re a complete beginner. To earn Rep you need to race at night. To get a feel of the races at night. Simply hop into a race at night time.

If you get cops on you. Shaking them should be easy enough if you keep your heat level down. Again this is for complete beginners in order to get a feel for racing at night.

Rep Method 2: Complete Racer Challenges

These are certainly the easiest way to earn Rep in the game. The Racer Challenges rewards you Rep points for daytime challenges. Some examples of day time challenges include Win 3 Performance Rating 240+ Events or get 2 stars in a Drift Zone.

These are quite easily achieved when first starting off and you will also be rewarded a completion bonus which is the total amount of Rep rewarded for the 3 racing challenges.

Rep Method 3: Complete Speed Traps at night

The next method is when you have gotten used to racing at night and you have a fast car. First, you will go through a few speed traps. This will boost your heat level up to 5 pretty fast. 

There are a lot of great speed traps in Downtown Palm City that will get your heat up very quickly. Just simply speed through the trap. Each time you go through it you will gain heat and some Rep.

You can repeat this as much as you wish and then at the end of the night simply return to the garage and cash in your earnings. 

However, to maximize your Rep earned we suggest doing some races while you’re on a roll. The higher heat level events will open up now that your heat level is high. Enter the events and complete them.

Make sure to complete a few races before finishing up the night. This could possibly bag you millions of rep in 1 night depending on your level.

Rep Method 4: Palm City Raceway Long Jump

Another really easy area to farm Rep is the Palm City Raceway. There is a speed jump called The Rusty Takeoff. Essentially you can spend an hour or so going round in circles and jumping over The Rusty Takeoff each time earning Rep and Heat. 

The great thing about farming Rep in Palm City Raceway is that the cops rarely go in there. Therefore, you can essentially earn lots of Rep and heat super quick and in peace. Moreover, everything is close by including a garage to quickly cash in your earnings.

Rep Method 5: Complete Collectibles

Completing collectible items around Palm City is a great and easy way to earn Rep. It may not be super fast but it is also a good way to explore the city.

There are two main collectibles that reward you with Rep in Need For Speed Heat:

So get smashing those flamingos and billboards if you want to rack up that Rep.