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Top 10 Best Weapons in Call of Duty Warzone

A few days ago we posted an article on the top 5 loadout drops in Warzone. Now we thought it was time to give you the low down on the best weapons to use when trying to bag those wins.

Some of these weapons, you wouldn’t even consider. However, they have proven to have the fastest time to kill and damage per second in Warzone. 

TTK and DPS are everything in a first-person shooter, especially in a battle royale. Where surviving and strategy is everything.

Without further ado, these are our top 10 picks for the best weapons in Warzone. 


The AUG is a very viable weapon in Multiplayer as it is in Warzone. However, the AUG with 5.56 SOCOM Rounds turns this SMG into an absolute beast on the battlefield. 

It, in fact, has the fastest time to kill of any other weapon in the game. It dominates in close-quarter combat and is quite viable even in medium to long-range engagements. 

When using the AUG for more long-range gameplay we recommend putting a scope such as the VLK Optic. This scope has minimal effect on ADS and Sprint Out Times.

The 5.56 SOCOM Rounds can be added to the weapon as 30 rounds mags or a 60 rounds drum magazine. 

You have the option here. However, keep in mind that adding the drum mag will slow down the weapon’s mobility.

The Stippled Grip Tape and 622mm barrel are two other great attachments for the AUG. The Stippled Grip Tape will speed up the weapons ADS time and the 622mm Barrel will give that added range that the standard SMG AUG is missing.


Moving onto the FAL. The FAL has been a powerful weapon in a lot of Call of Duty’s. However, it has always depended on the person using it. We need to remember that the FAL is a semi-auto AR so being accurate is more important than just spraying bullets with an AR or SMG.

Moving on from that, the FAL actually has a faster time to kill than the AUG by a few milliseconds. However, the AUGs being full auto gives it the advantage.

The FN FAL is a beast in long-range and super accurate with the correct attachments. It can be used very effectively in close to medium range with a red dot sight. Or if you want to use it for long-range gunfights, it’s most effective with a long-range sight. 

The perfect setup for the FAL in Warzone is the 30 Round Mags with Stippled Grip Tape to maximize ADS speed. Combine that with removing the stock for closer range gunfights and a shorter barrel for maximum ADS and movement speeds.


The AK47 is one you wouldn’t think is up there with the best. However, it proved to be one of the best weapons to use in Warzone. 

A lot of people think the 5.56 ammo conversion kit would be the best attachment to use but it’s not. The standard AK47 has an even faster time to kill than the 5.56mm ammo despite the faster fire rate

The best gunsmith set up on the AK47 is the Stippled Grip Tape for faster ADS times. The VLK Optic for longer range gunfights. A magazine upgrade to hold more ammo per mag. The longest barrel conversion to really extend that damage range. Finally, the Commando Foregrip to stabilize recoil.


The shotguns in Warzone are pretty damn powerful as it is. However, The R9-0 shotgun is an absolute animal in close-quarter combat. Its very effective for a number of reasons. 

Firstly, it can fire off more shots per reload compared to other shotguns such as the Model 680. Secondly, it can hold a total of 14 rounds per tube with the tube extension attachment. Finally, the weapon can be quickly hip fired quite easily in close range. 

You can literally two tap players anywhere on the body with the R9-0

Moreover, the second-best shotgun next to the R9-0 is the Origin 12. This shotgun is very effective in close range mainly due to the very fast fire rate combined with a huge ammo capacity when you add the drum magazine.

However, in terms of time to kill and damage, the R9-0 is certainly the superior shotgun.

The key thing to remember when using the shotguns in Warzone is that they are best suited as a strong secondary. An AR or SMG combined with the R9-0 is a god-tier loadout.


The MP7 is a great weapon in Multiplayer and its no different in Call of Duty Warzone. Even the white MP7 that you can pick up as floor loot is very effective in the early rounds and sometimes later on in the game.

As a submachine gun, the MP7 really shines in terms of mobility. It has a fast Aim Down Sights time and Sprint Out Time. It also has clear iron sights so aiming is very viable. 

On top of having a decent fire rate, the SMGs recoil is very easily controllable.

A perfect loadout for the MP7 is the Stippled Grip Tape and Commando Foregrip to speed up the weapons ADS and Sprint Out Times even more.

The extended mags for higher ammo capacity. The 16” Factory Carbine barrel for extended range and accuracy. Finally, the Forge TAC Ultralight stock attachment for more maneuverability while aiming down sights.


The RAM 7 is a top tier weapon in Warzone mainly due to the fact that it has a very fast fire rate. It actually has a lower DPS than the AK47. However, it makes up for it with its faster fire rate.

The RAMs fast fire rate means its a very effective weapon in close range. However, the weapons fast fire rate means its recoil is quite high making the RAM more difficult to use in long-range gunfights.

Moreover, the AR can hold up to 50 rounds with the ammo extension attachment. This gives it a big plus in Warzone where ammo is everything.

Overall, if you’re looking for a close-range weapon with a fast fire rate and high magazine capacity, The RAM 7 is your go-to.


Yet another SMG, this time it’s the MP5, the MP7s older relative. This weapon is an animal in MP and its an animal in Warzone. It is perfect for close-range engagement and serves as the perfect secondary.

A lot of people like to put the 10mm rounds on the MP5 for added damage and range. However, the standard MP5 does a great job on its own so the 10mm rounds are not necessary.

In addition, the 10mm rounds mean you lose 15 rounds from your mag. This makes a huge difference in Warzone, where ammo capacity is very important.

The perfect setup for the MP5 is the Commando Foregrip and Stippled Grip Tape, Subsonic Barrel, 45 Round mags, and the FTAC Collapsible Stock. BEAST MODE!

GRAU 5.56

The GRAU 5.56 doesn’t have the best time to kill or damage per shots. However, this AR with the correct attachments is a very viable weapon on the battlefield. 

We recommend attaching the FSS 20.8” Nexus Barrel for added range. The Monolithic Suppressor for even more added range. The commando foregrip gives the weapon great firing stability.

The 50 Round mags really boost the viability of the weapon in Warzone. Finally, the No Stock attachment to turn the weapon into a close-range god. 

With this Gunsmith loadout, you now have a long and close range monster.


The M4A1 is probably the best weapon in Multiplayer so its not surprising that it’s in the top tier list in Warzone. The weapon fairs well in close range so the objective in Warzone is to extend the weapons range as much as possible.

You can easily do this by attaching a Monolithic Suppressor combined with the Corvus Custom barrel to drastically boost the M4s damage range.

Slap on the 60 Round Mags and you’ve got one of the best weapons in the game at your disposal.


The first LMG to make the top 10 list is the PKM. It’s the best LMG in Warzone by far. It has a high time to kill and relatively low recoil despite being a light machine gun.

The PKM is best used as a long-range bullet hose. It works really well for players that like to play a slower-paced game. For example, the PKM is best used firing from a mountain or rooftop.

Coincidentally this is how you would likely use it in Groundwar and in real life. 

However, it does have much slower useability and swapping weapons will also take much longer when running the PKM. We would definitely recommend the PKM as a long-range secondary.

Similar to the way you would use a sniper. Whack a thermal scope on it and you’re good to go.