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The Best and Fastest Ways to Land in COD Warzone

Find the best drop spots in Warzone is one thing but knowing how to drop and land efficiently is just as important. 

We have been practicing lots of different ways to land over the last week and we have found three main ways to land. 

We will discuss these ways in-depth and also give some perimeters we used to gauge the effectiveness of these ways to land. 

This post was inspired by a very useful video by Xclusive Ace. We will be quoting some information from the research he carried out on landing methods.

The first thing to note is that the map is broken down into squares. Each square on the map is about 375 meters squared. We are pointing this out because the guide will layout how many squares can be traveled per method used.

The second thing to note is the plane travels at about 75 meters per second and drops you from about 500 meters from sea level. This is important to remember if you are dropping onto a mountain. For example, you won’t drop for as long if you were landing at sea level.

Now onto the methods…

Best Landing Method 1 – Free Falling Down

This method is when you jump from the plane and plummet down forward until you pull your parachute near the ground.

When you’re free-falling forward you travel at about 40 meters per second. This is quite slower than the speed of the plane at 75 meters per second.

In terms of how many squares you cover. Using this method you will cover 1 to 1 and a half squares.

In summary, this method is best used if you’re planning to land on or close to the flight path of the plane. 

If you want to land in a location directly above the flight path. Allow for a square of distance between the plane and the location when you jump.

The same goes for areas near the flight path. Wait until the plane is over the location and then jump.

Source: Xclusive Ace

From the image above we can see that the green areas are the optimal distance when using the free-fall method.

Best Landing Method 2 – Parachute Down

This method is by the far the slowest. However, it enables you to travel the longest. According to Xclusive Ace, you can travel up to 3600 meters using this method.

Given that the map is 2800 meters by 2800 meters. This essentially means you can travel the entire length of the map using this method. 

Parachuting down will take you about 90 seconds to reach the ground. This is 1 and a half minutes into the game so most people will have already landed and got weapons. 

This method is only recommended if you’re planning on dropping into a quiet place such as Dam, Farmland or Lumber. Of course, these areas are only quiet depending on the flight path.

Best Landing Method 3 – Free Fall Parachute Hybrid

The third method is the method you may have already heard of. A lot of YouTubers in the community have been recommending this one. It involves dropping, then opening and closing your parachute until you reach your landing place.

In terms of the squares traveled using this method. You will be able to cover up to 3 and a half squares from the flight plane.

To make the most out of this method, pull your parachute at about 40 meters per second on your altimeter bar. 

In summary, this method is recommended if you’re traveling up to 3 and a half squares away from the flight path. Most people will be traveling this distance. Therefore, this method is the best overall way to land in Warzone.

Warzone best landing method 3 distance covered
Source: XclusiveAce

Conclusion and our testing…

As we said, we tested all these methods suggested by the Xclusive Ace. We found that the best method is a mix of methods 1 and 3. 

For example, dropping in Warzone can be tricky so there is no one method that will beat them all. Let us give you a typical scenario.

A typical scenario where method 1 and 3 come into play…

You and your squad decide on a drop location. You are on the way down using method 1 and you see a few other teams have got there already. So you decide to change course a little and land a bit outside your landing location. This is where method 3 comes in handy.

Although method 1 gets you down fast, you may need to make adjustments on the fly in order to avoid high-risk scenarios early on in the game. That’s where the free fall and parachute method comes into play.

Method Summary

  • Method 1 – Fastest but shortest distance traveled
  • Method 2 – Slowest but longest distance traveled
  • Method 3 – In between speed and distance – the best method to use when adjusting on the fly.

Extra Warzone Landing Tips

  • If you free fall to the ground without opening your parachute. The parachute will automatically open when you’re close to the ground. However, if you do open it manually while falling, you will have to open the parachute yourself in order to land safely.
  • You can pull your parachute literally a second before you’re going to hit the ground. You don’t need to pull it early like in real life. The parachute can be pulled until you’re a few meters from the ground. Use this tip to get down even faster.
  • When you’re just about to jump from the plane. Look in the direction you want to jump. When your character actually leaves the plane, they will be heading directly in that path rather than out the back of the plane.
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