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R9-0 Best Classes and Attachments Modern Warfare

Wondering what are the best class setups and attachments for the R9-0 shotgun in Call of Duty Modern Warfare? This guide will take you through the best class setups and attachments for the R9-0 including the weapons stats such as range, damage, and rate of fire.

The R9-0 is a double-barrel shotgun that provides 2 rapid shots before reloading. It fires a burst of 14 pellets that are devastating at close range. It is an American-made shotgun. 

The R9-0 kills in 1 shot at 10 meters which is the 2nd highest 1 shot kill range among the shotguns. The 725 takes the spot at number 1. It drops off to 2 or 3 shots to kill beyond 10 meters. It fires at a rate of 145 RPM. The weapon fires 2 rapid shots at 300 RPM with a 500ms delay between bursts.

This shotgun is a hidden beast and is the best shotgun after the 725 because of its high rate of fire and damage range. 

If you’re curious about the 725. Check out our great post on the 725 statistics and recommended class setups and attachments.

R9-0 Best Attachments

The best attachments for the R-90 in Modern Warfare are the:

  • Stopping Power Rounds
  • Forged TAC Sentry Barrel
  • Tube Extension
  • Tac Laser

If you decide to run the R9-0, it is recommended to attach a long barrel and a green laser sight to the R9-0. This along with Stopping Power Rounds turns this shotgun into a lion on the battlefield.

R9-0 Stats

  • Damage: 1-3 shots to kill
  • Rate of Fire: 145RPM, 2x Burst – 300 RPM with a 500ms delay between bursts.
  • Range: 10 meters for 1 shot kill. Best used in close-quarter combat.

R9-0 Best Class Setups

These are the recommended base attachments that all of your classes should run for the R9-0. The Tac Laser and the Forge TAC sentry barrel attachment should be prioritized. This will give the R9-0 a tighter pellet spread and a faster sprint out time. Check out our top 3 best classes for the weapon below.

Class 1 – R9-0 Defensive/ Objective

This class is for the players that like to play the objective. Especially those that love games such as Headquarters and Domination. Kit the R9-0 with the attachments as seen above. The RPG-7 as secondary. 

  • Perk slot 1: E.O.D. to protect you from enemies bombarding the objective with explosives. 
  • Perk slot 2: Hardline: To help you get your support killstreaks faster.
  • Perk slot 3: Battle-Hardened: To protect you from the barrage of stuns and EMPs. 
  • Lethal: C4s are great for clearing objectives inside a small room. Normally there will be an enemy lying on or in the objective. Tossing a C4 in clears it out promptly.
  • Tactical: Gas grenades work wonders when getting enemies out of the HQ or off the Dom flag. They do require you to level up a bit. Therefore, if you don’t have them unlocked yet, choose the Stun or Flash.
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Class 2 – R9-0 Groundwar Menace

Class 2 is for the Groundwar fans out there. It caters for close-quarters combat as well as long-range. Follow the same attachment setup as previously mentioned. 

  • Perk slot 1: Because you’re carrying a sniper rifle as a secondary. Overkill is a must here.
  • Perk slot 2: High Alert will give you a heads up if someone can see you. This is great for both close and long-range combat. Especially if you’re sniping from somewhere sneaky.
  • Perk slot 3: Shrapnel will make sure you have 2 claymores to plant. Claymores are essential in Groundwar.
  • Lethal: Claymores will double up from using Shrapnel.
  • Tactical: The Gas Grenade is great when you need to clear an objective.

Class 3 – R9-0 Rushers

Class 3 is for high energy rushers. It’s made for close-quarters combat with a knife in the secondary to get nice and personal with your enemy. Follow the same attachment setup as mentioned above.

  • Perk slot 1: Double Time will give you that extra double sprint you need to get into the battlefield faster.
  • Perk slot 2: Ghost does exactly what it says on the tin. You need to run Ghost if you’re rushing around the map like a lunatic.
  • Perk slot 3: Amped will allow you to quickly switch to your knife in a heated situation.
  • Lethal: C4’s are very effective if you need to clear a flank or choke point.
  • Tactical: Stun Grenades are great when rushing especially in game modes such as SnD. Chuck a stun and then a C4 into the bomb to clear the area.