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PKM Best Class Setups & Attachments Modern Warfare

Want to know what the best attachments and class setups are for the PKM in Modern Warfare? This guide has you covered. 

We review the PKM statistics such as damage, fire rate, and recoil. We also take a look at the best attachments for the PKM and discuss are reasoning behind these suggestions. 

The PKM is a great LMG and has one of the highest times to kill in the game. It is best used in long-range engagements. As a result, the PKM excels in game modes such as Groundwar and 20v20. 

Weapon background

The PKM made its Call of Duty debut in COD 4 Modern Warfare Remastered. It was never actually featured in the original COD 4.


  • Damage: 45 – 32
  • Rate of Fire: 750RPM
  • Recoil: Moderate(vertical)

Reading the statistics above we can see that the PKM is a 3 to 4 shot to kill LMG. This is a very fast time to kill in this game. It has a fast fire rate and quite a controllable recoil pattern. The PKM also has a great damage range. As a result, you will be wiping out players with 3 shots most of the time.

Best Attachments

The best attachments for the PKM in Modern Warfare are the:

  • Stippled Grip Tape
  • Snatch Grip
  • 5mW Laser

The PKM is a deadly weapon from the get-go. However, there are some stats that need to be countered. Notably, the weapons slow ADS and sprint out time. After all, it is an LMG.

The best attachments to counter these stats are the Stippled Grip Tape and the Snatch Grip. Moreover, the 5mW Laser also speeds up sprint-out times, it is very effective when using the weapon for running and gunning.

Class 1 – PKM Objective

This PKM class is great for those that love to play the objective. The PKM is loaded with the 26.9-inch barrel, G.I. Mini Reflex, Snatch Grip, Stippled Grip Tape, and Frangible Wounding Perk.

PKM Objective

Class Setup

The rest of the class is made for defending the OBJ.

PKM Objective
  • Secondary: The .357 is the best secondary in the game. Check out our .357 guide to find out why.
  • Perk 1: E.O.D. protects you from enemy lethals bombarding the objective.
  • Perk 2: Hardline helps you get your killstreaks faster.
  • Perk 3: Battle-Hardened protects you from incoming flash and stuns.
  • Lethal: The C4 is very useful in clearing out the OBJ.
  • Tactical: Stun the enemy before throwing your C4 at them. This method is most effective.

Class 2 – PKM Run and Gun

This class is fun and quirky, but it works well for players who like to run and gun. The PKM is fitted with the Tac Laser, No Stock, Snatch Grip, Stippled Grip Tape and the Sleight of Hand perk.

PKM Run and Gun

Class Setup

The rest of the class is built for speed and stealth.

PKM Run and Gun
  • Secondary: The 1911 is a decent secondary in any class.
  • Perk 1: Double Time means more speed.
  • Perk 2: Ghost is very important when running around the map and pushing flank routes.
  • Perk 3: Tune Up lets your field upgrade charge faster. Use Dead Silence in all rush classes.
  • Lethal: The C4 is a great lethal for rushers.
  • Tactical: Use the Stim when stuck in a do or die situation.

Class 3 – PKM Ground War

The third PKM class is a Ground War favorite. The PKM is built for range. Attach the Monolithic Suppressor for some added range, The VLK 3.0x Optic, Snatch Grip, Stippled Grip Tape, and the Recon perk.

 PKM Ground War

Class Setup

The rest of the class is made for Ground War.

 PKM Ground War
  • Secondary: The .357 with the Snakeshot ammo is a one-shot kill monster.
  • Perk 1: Players love explosives in Ground War. E.O.D. will try to counter this as much as possible.
  • Perk 2: Ghost is very important in Ground War. UAV spam is desperate.
  • Perk 3: Shrapnel gives you two claymores. Make sure to plant them on flags and in doorways.
  • Lethal: 2 Claymores for double the damage.
  • Tactical: The Stun Grenade as a tactical.