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Top 5 Best Domination Class Setups Modern Warfare

We all love ourselves a bit of Call of Duty Domination. It’s the most popular game mode in Modern Warfare along with Team Deathmatch and Search and Destroy

Its always been a fan favorite since the beginning of Call of Duty. Well, it’s no different in Modern Warfare this time around. 

If you love Domination you’ve probably been wondering what are the best loadouts to run in the fast-paced competitive game mode.

We have compiled the top 5 class setups to run when playing Domination. We go through each class explaining the gunsmith and class setup of each loadout. 

We also take you through the best killstreaks and Field Upgrades to use when playing Domination so you know what’s up.

Best Killstreak Setup for Domination

The best killstreaks to use in Domination are the UAV, Precision Airstrike, and the VOTL. This combination works like a domino effect.

First, you get the UAV, then the UAV helps you get the Precision Airstrike, finally, you’re only 3 kills away from the VTOL.

Its the perfect combo for both defensive and offensive play. The UAV helps the whole team. The Precision Airstrike keeps the enemy in their spawn. And the VTOL helps the whole team by patrolling an area.

We found putting it in the middle of the map or on the B flag is the most effective.

Best Field Upgrades for Domination

Field Upgrades are very flexible and depend a lot on the individual. For the most effective setup. You need to take into consideration what you are trying to accomplish. Are you going to play offense or defense? 

When playing offensively, Dead Silence and the Tactical Insertion are your best picks. Dead Silence allows you to flank the enemies spawn unnoticed. The Tactical Insertion is great because you can use it to get right back into the action.

When on the defense, the Trophy System and the Deployable Cover are very effective.

Use the Trophy System when your team is going for the B flag to prevent nade spam. Or throw down a Deployable Cover near the objective to add extra protection while defending.

Best Domination Class Setups

Now we jump into the best class setups to run when playing Domination. Each class takes into account different aspects of gameplay and strategy. We will discuss each one accordingly.

Class 1 – M4A1 Domination Class

This class is very much a combination of playing defensively and offensively. Load the M4A1 with the following attachments:

  • FSS 11.5” Commando Barrel
  • G.I. Mini Reflex
  • Commando Foregrip
  • 60 Round Mags
  • Stippled Grip Tape

These attachments are great for speeding up the weapons ADS and Sprint out times. The 60 Round Mags are for going all out beast mode.

M4A1 Best Domination Class

Class setup

The remainder of the class takes into account stealth and defense. The best time to pull this class out is when the enemy has called in a VTOL or other lethal air support.

Cold Blooded will protect you. Ghost will also counter UAV spam while Battle Hardened will allow you to stay around B flag without being owned by stuns and flash grenades.

M4A1 Best Domination Class

Class 2 – GRAU 556 Domination Class

Here the GRAU 556 comes loaded with attachments to increase its range and overall usability. Attach the following to the weapon:

  • FSS 26.4” Archangel Barrel
  • 4x Flip Hybrid
  • FSS Blackjack
  • XRK Void II Grip
  • Recon Perk
GRAU 556 Best Domination Class

Class setup

The rest of the class is designed to play straight up on the defense. The weapon is geared towards keeping distance by extending the range of the GRAU. 

So the rest of the class follows suit. Here we have the .357 as secondary. E.O.D. to survive those nades and claymores.

Restock combined with Shrapnel is deadly. Before you know it, you’ll have claymores all over the map. The Flash Grenade is a trusted tactical for blinding and distorting your opponent.

GRAU 556 Best Domination Class

Class 3 – P90 Domination Class

The P90 is underused. You should give it a try. It really is a top tier SMG. In this class the P90 comes equipped with the following attachments:

  • FORGE TAC Retribution Barrel
  • GI Mini Reflex
  • FORGE TAC CQB Comb Stock
  • Stippled Grip Tape Underbarrel
  • Stippled Grip Tape Rear Grip
P90 Best Domination Class

These attachments are added to dramatically boots the ADS and Aim Down Sights Speed of the P90. 

Class setup

The P90 class is built for aggression and staying in the heat of the battle. The .50GS is a 1 shot killer up close. Whip it out to finish off your opponent quickly. 

This combination of E.O.D., Ghost and Battle Hardened is perfect for Domination. You’ll notice we’ve used it in a few classes.

The C4 is really effective for clearing a flag. When you hear the enemy is capping, chuck a stun followed up by the C4 and BOOM.

P90 Best Domination Class

Class 4 – PKM Domination Class

The PKM class is a beast in mobility and it really helps you get those scorestreaks. Load the PKM with the following:

  • 18.2” Compact Barrel
  • Reflex
  • No Stock
  • Commando Foregrip 
  • Stippled Grip Tape
PKM Best Domination Class

These attachments allow the weapon to excel in close range while still staying true to the PKMs LMG roots. 

Class setup

The rest of the class takes into consideration defense and getting those killstreaks faster. We do this by using Pointman. Pointman changes your killstreaks to scorestreaks. This is a really effective perk in Dom. 

The X16s fire rate and power is a great backup in any class. E.O.D. and Battle Hardened are staples in most Domination class setups.

The Proximity Mine is best used when thrown on a flag or a flank route. Finally, the Stim shot will help you get back into the action ASAP.

PKM Best Domination Class

Class 5 – 725 Domination Class

This class is a semi troll class but an all-out aggression one at the same time. Fit the following to the 725:

  • Compensator
  • Tempus Smooth Bore
  • Sawed-off Stock
  • Commando Foregrip
  • Tempus SlimGrip
725 Best Domination Class

Class setup

The 725 Dom class is built for the times you need to go all out and rage. The times when it’s down to the last few seconds and there’s a point in the game. The .357 as secondary is a powerful pullout pistol.

This combination of Double Time, Hardline and Shrapnel makes everything faster and more deadly. Faster movement, killstreaks and more deadly explosives. 

Use your 2 Semtex to spam the B flag and the Flash grenade to do the same. 

725 Best Domination Class