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Top 10 Blueprints Modern Warfare Season 2

Today we look at the top 10 weapon Blueprints in Modern Warfare Season 2. These weapon blueprints are unlocked by completing various challenges, purchasing from the store and leveling up the Battle Pass.

This season Blueprints are pretty sick, to say the least. Below we have compiled a list of the 10 best variants this season. 

Starting in no particular order. First, we have the .50GS Royal Decree.

.50 GS Royal Decree

.50 GS Royal Decree comes with the FORGE TAC Enforcer Barrel for extended range. The Tac Laser for a faster sprint out time and more accurate hip fire. 

The Lightweight Trigger to speed up the fire rate and Rubberized Grip Tape for added accuracy. Finally, it comes with the Mo Money Perk that rewards you bonus XP. 

The .50 GS Royal Decree is rewarded upon winning a 2v2 tournament.

.50 GS Royal Decree Blueprint Season 2

AUG Dame Fortuna

Nex up is the AUG Dame Fortuna. In terms of cosmetics, the weapon looks pretty outrageous. 

Moving onto the attachments, the Dame Fortuna comes loaded with the FORGE TAC CQB Comb Stock for easier strafing. The Tactical Foregrip for more controllable recoil.

Its SMG ammo has been swapped out for 5.55 Nato AR ammo, the Stippled Grip Tape to speed up sprint out times and finally the Frangible Disabling Perk to slow down enemy movement.

AUG Dame Fortuna Blueprint Season 2

AX-50 Sufferings End

The Sufferings End Blueprint comes fitted with the following attachments. The Flash Guard to reduce muzzle flash, the 32” Factory Barrel to extend the damage range, Singuard Arms Assassin to boost aim down sights speed and the Granulated Grip Tape for added accuracy.

Finally, the scope is swapped out for a variable Zoom Scope.

The AX-50 is exclusive to PS4 users. It can only be unlocked by completing a mission challenge.

AX-50 Sufferings End Blueprint Season 2

AX-50 Sunspot

Staying with the sniper class we have another AX-50 Blueprint. The AX-50 Sunspot. Cosmetically, it looks the best of all the variants.

The sniper rifle comes kitted with the Monolithic Suppressor which extends the range and silences the weapon. Tac Laser which makes no scoping and hip firing more accurate, it also boosts aim down sight speed. The Singuard Arms Assassin for easier strafing and faster aim down sights.

Finally the 7 round mags and Focus Perk. 

You can unlock this variant by purchasing it in the store.

AX-50 Sunspot Blueprint Season 2

GRAU 5.56 Shadowsight

The GRAU 5.56 Shadowsight is built for close-quarter combat. This variant comes loaded with the compensator, ZLR Drifter A-08 Barrel, 5mW Laser, G.I. Mini Reflex and the No Stock. These attachments combined really make the GRAU a top contender in close quarters.

The GRAU 5.56 Shadowsight is unlocked at tier 85 of the Battle Pass.

GRAU 5.56 Shadowsight Blueprint Season 2

Kar98k Incisor

This Kar98k Blueprint comes loaded with the Monolithic Suppressor, Tac Laser, Scout Combat Optic, STVDL Precision Comb Stock and the Stipped Grip Tape.

The goal of this attachment combination is to increase the accuracy and range of the Kar98 making it a more viable option in the medium to long-range engagements.

This Blueprint can only be unlocked by purchasing it at the store.

Kar98k Incisor Blueprint Season 2

Kilo 141 Cerulean

Everyone loves the Kilo 141. After all, it is one of the most powerful ARs in the game. This Kilo variant features the Tac Laser, Canted Hybrid Scope, Pro Stock, Commando Foregrip, and 60 Round Mags.

This variant is built to maximize range and accuracy. We recommend using it more conservatively or swapping out the optic for a Reflex for easier CQB gameplay.

The Cerulean can only be unlocked via the store.

Kilo 141 Cerulean Blueprint Season 2

MP5 Flood

This MP5 variant is pretty sick, especially for close-quarters combat. The MP5 Flood comes equipped with the FSS Mini Barrel, Forge TAC Ultralight Stock, Operator Foregrip, 45 Round Mags and the Sleight of Hand perk. 

This is a pretty solid setup and we found it to work pretty well the way it is.

The MP5 Flood was gifted to all players over the holiday season. PS: check your MP5 Blueprints

MP5 Flood Blueprint Season 2

Oden Devourer

The Oden Devourer looks pretty sick. The attachments combination also makes the weapon quite viable in close quarters. The Devourer comes loaded with the Muzzle Brake, Tac Laser, Oden Ultralight Hollow, Commando Foregrip, and the Sleight of Hand perk.

This combination adds a boost to all stats on the Oden except the damage which it already dominates in.

The Oden Devourer can be purchased from the store.

Oden Devourer

Striker 45 Undertaker

Finally, we get to the Striker 45 Undertaker. This variant of the Striker 45 is a great stealthy close quarters setup. The Striker 45 comes loaded with the Lightweight Suppressor, 5mW Laser, PBX Hollow 7 Sight, Ranger Foregrip, and the FTAC 60 Series Rubber Grip.

The Striker 45 Undertaker is available at tier 100 of the Battle Pass.

Striker 45 Undertaker