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Model 680 Best Classes & Attachments Modern Warfare

Are you looking for the best class setups and attachments for the Model 680 shotgun in Modern Warfare? We got you covered. This guide takes you through the stats, best classes, and attachments for the Model 680 in Modern Warfare.

The Model 680 is a 12 gauge pump-action shotgun in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. It is most likely modeled from the Remington-made 870P. This shotgun is used widely by the United States Army as well as many other military organizations around the world. 

It kills in 1 shot at 8 meters and falls off to 2 to 3 shots at all ranges above the 8-meter mark. It fires at a rate of 70 RPM which is about 1 shot per second until a full reload is necessary. 

The Model 680 is certainly not the best shotgun in Modern Warfare but it is the best compromise shotgun in its class. It is definitely worth using if you don’t like the feel of the 725 or R-90

Model 680 Best Attachments

The best attachments for the Model 680 in Modern Warfare are the:

  • XRK 30.0″ Sport Barrel
  • Tube Extension
  • Tac Laser
  • Forger Tac Marauder Muzzle

When rolling with the 680. We recommend prioritizing a long barrel attachment and a laser sight to speed up sprint out time and minimize pellet spread.

The red laser sight increases sprint out times by 10% and the green increases sprint out times by 20%.

Therefore, when you have the green laser unlocked, it should be prioritized.

Model 680 Stats

  • Damage: 1-3 shots to kill
  • Rate of Fire: 70RPM
  • Range: 8 meters for 1 shot kill. Best used in close-quarter combat.

Model 680 Best Class Setups

Below are the best attachments for the Model 680 in Modern Warfare. These attachments should be on your weapon in all classes. The Sport Barrel for extended range, the Tac Laser, Tube Extension and Frangible wounding.

These attachments are optional for the most part. However, a long barrel and laser should be your priority.

Class 1 – Model 680 Objective

Class 1 is for objective-based gamers. Run the 680 with the attachments above and the .357 as a secondary.

  • Perk slot 1: E.O.D. is essential for all players who play the objective. It will keep you protected from the shower of grenades as soon as you try to capture an objective.
  • Perk slot 2: Ghost will keep you off the enemy radar.
  • Perk slot 3: Battle-Hardened is great when you’re capping a headquarters or a flag in domination.
  • Lethal: Plant your claymore on the objective to catch unsuspecting enemies. 
  • Tactical: Use your flashes to breach the HQ or clear a dom flag.

Class 2 – Model 680 Rusher

This one is for the rushers out there. Follow the suggested attachments mentioned above with the knife as a secondary. You can change the secondary, we just find running around knifing people funny.

  • Perk slot 1: Double Time will is essential in every rushing class. The more time you can sprint, the more enemies you will be ahead of.
  • Perk slot 2: Rushers get high kills, right? Well, Hardline will help you get them faster.
  • Perk slot 3: Amped allows you to switch to your blade faster.
  • Lethal: C4 is a great device for getting rid of window campers. 
  • Tactical: Use the stun grenade to stun enemies you expect around corners. 

Class 3 – Model 680 Shotgun Insanity

This is for the guys and gals who love shottys. You will love this class. Again, the Model 680 follows the attachment setup above with the 725 as secondary. For the 725 attachments, you should prioritize a laser and any long barrel.

  • Perk slot 1: Overkill in the perk 1 slot to allow for the 725.
  • Perk slot 2: This will allow you to get back those flashes and mines every 30 seconds.
  • Perk slot 3: Shrapnel allows you to carry 2 lethal devices. 2 Proximity Mines combined with Restock is a lethal combination.
  • Lethal: Two Proximity Mines is great fun and will stack easy kills for you.
  • Tactical: The Flash Grenade is standard for any class.

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