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Origin 12 Best Classes & Attachments Modern Warfare

So you’ve been wondering what the best class setups and attachments are for the Origin 12 shotgun in Modern Warfare. This guide has you covered. We also take you through all the important Origin 12 stats including damage, range, and rate of fire.

Weapon Background

The Origin 12 is a semi-automatic burst action shotgun in Modern Warfare. It is based on the American-made Fostech Origin 12 shotgun. 

The Origin 12 is by far the worst shotgun in the game in terms of stats. It is best used as a spam weapon in very close-range engagements. It is recommended to hip fire using the Origin as aiming down sights doesn’t make much of a difference in terms of pellet spread.

Being a semi-auto it has the highest rate of fire among the shotguns. However, its low range at 3 meters and wide bullet spread give it a very low Time to Kill. 

Origin 12 Best Attachments

The best attachments for the Origin 12 are the:

  • Drum Mag
  • Tac Laser
  • Forged Tac Impaler Barrel

There are not many attachments you can use for the Origin to make it a viable weapon. However, if using it as a spam fire weapon. We recommend attaching a drum mag that will increase your ammo capacity to 25 shells. 

Origin 12 Stats

  • Damage: 1-5 shots depending on the range
  • Rate of Fire: 235RPM
  • Range: 3m one-shot kill range. Best used in very close-quarters combat.

Best Class Setups

The attachments below should be prioritized on the Origin 12. Although there are not many attachments that make the gun viable. These attachments will make the weapon easier to spam shoot with. Which is what the Origin should be used for.

Attach the longest barrel possible to negate the dismal range. A Tac Laser to tighten pellet spread and increase sprint out time. The Drum Mag increases the ammo capacity to a whopping 25 shells.

Class 1 – Origin 12 Objective

Class 1 is geared towards players who love to play the objective. If you choose this class, congratulations. You are few and far. Follow the attachment guide above with the .357 as a secondary.

  • Perk slot 1: E.O.D. is critical for any objective player.
  • Perk slot 2: Restock is great for keeping you loaded up on mines and flash grenades.
  • Perk slot 3: Battle-Hardened is great for keeping you protected from flash and stuns while capturing the objective.
  • Lethal: Place a proximity mine on or near the flag in Domination to catch enemies by surprise.
  • Tactical: Flash grenades should be used to clear objectives. For example, when you hear the enemy capping the flag. Throw the flash into the objective and then move in for the kill.
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Class 2 – Origin 12 Killstreak Getter

This class is set up to make it easier for you to get those higher killstreaks. As before, follow the recommended attachments above. This time use the knife as a secondary. Again, it is your choice regarding the secondary. If you prefer a gun, use it.

  • Perk slot 1: Scavenger will keep the ammo stocks flowing.
  • Perk slot 2: Hardline will get you those killstreaks one kill faster.
  • Perk slot 3: Amped will make pulling your knife out a lot faster
  • Lethal: Frag Grenades are great for clearing campers. Make sure to cook it before you throw it into a room.
  • Tactical: A good tactic when clearing out a room is to chuck in your tactical first and then a grenade. The tac stuns the enemy first so it is harder to evade the grenade.

Class 3 – Origin 12 Rusher

The Origin requires you to be up close and personal with the enemy anyway. So you may as well rush with it. This time the .357 goes in the secondary.

  • Perk slot 1: Double Time is a great perk to use to get around the map faster.
  • Perk slot 2: Ghost will hide you from enemy UAVs.
  • Perk slot 3: Amped is essential for any rusher. It will ensure you can pull that .357 out fast.
  • Lethal: The throwing knife is optional here. It is really fun when you get used to it. We recommend at least trying it before knocking it.
  • Tactical: Flash Grenades are great for blinding enemies and then quickly throwing your knife at them.

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