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Warzone: AK47 Best Attachments & Loadouts

The AK47 is a high damage output rifle in Warzone. It is one of the highest damage rifles in the game but is usually overlooked because it is quite hard to control.

In exchange for its high damage, the AK47 has very high and inconsistent recoil, to make it more balanced and fair to fight against. The recoil is the biggest thing you need to consider when choosing a good loadout for the AK47.

Best Attachments

The best attachments for the AK47 in Warzone are the RPK barrel, Commando Foregrip and a scope of the players choice. The RPK barrel drastically extends the range. The Commando Foregrip gives you more control of the weapons high recoil. Finally, adding a scope is essential in making aiming easier, especially from longer ranges.

Best Loadouts

The Recoil Controller

AK47 Best Warzone Loadout: Recoil controller

This loadout makes the recoil of the AK47 manageable without losing too much mobility. Take the G.I. Mini Reflex for better accuracy that doesn’t weigh you down. At the cost of some ADS and a bit of stability, you can take the Muzzle Brake for the additional Recoil stabilization that the AK47 really needs. 

The 23.0” RPK Barrel is a hefty barrel that brings down you ADS and movement speed but it does provide additional damage at range, bullet velocity, and better recoil control which makes it a good barrel for the AK.

The last attachment we need to help with recoil is the Commando Foregrip that also adds a bit of aiming stability together with the recoil stabilization at the expense of some movement speed. 

To balance things out, we need to go with an ultralight stock like the Skeleton Stock. It gives back some movement speed and ADS that we lost with our other attachments, balancing things out.


This loadout helps you a lot to control the recoil while still being mobile enough to move around. However, this rifle does not do well in very long ranges so you can take Overkill as a perk to get a good sniper to pair with it. 

Take Double Time so that you can sprint longer and quickly reposition. Lastly, take Amped so that you can switch your weapons faster. To be most effective with this loadout, I suggest taking a shot at enemies with your sniper at medium to long ranges to get a chunk of their health and then quickly switching to your AK47, with the help of Amped, to finish them off.

The Face First Loadout

AK47 Best Warzone Loadout: Recoil Controller

This loadout is best for close to medium range battles because it does not have an insane range but instead has insane damage output and increased accuracy. The full attachments include the Compensator, Thermal Hybrid, FORGE TAC Ultralight, Commando Foregrip, and 75 Round Drum Mags. 

The Compensator helps you with recoil control. The Commando Foregrip helps recoil stabilization and aiming stability. The TAC Ultralight gives you a bit of mobility while aiming.

The thermal scope helps you locate enemies quicker and see them easily, plus it also gives you the ability to fight at range.

Lastly, the 75 Round Drum just ensures that you don’t need to reload often. It can also be quite satisfying to kill multiple enemies with it, especially when they think you’ve run out of bullets and need to reload. You can still switch to the 45 Round Drum if you want more mobility though.

This AK loadout shines the best at medium range because the recoil is controlled just enough to be able to fire accurately at medium ranges.

Getting Overkill and pairing this with a good shotgun or even a submachine gun if you like, making it a devastating close-medium range combo. E.O.D will help you stay alive from different explosives while rushing. 

Lastly, pairing your Thermal Hybrid with Tracker is insane for finding enemies. You can also take Battle Hardened instead so that they cannot blind you or stun you when rushing.