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Warzone: GRAU 556 Best Attachments & Loadouts

One of the top weapons in Warzone right now are Assault Rifles. Assault Rifles give players a ton of flexibility because they can be used at different ranges.

A lot of people consider the GRAU 5.56 to be one of the best Assault Rifles in the game. You can easily shred through enemies with the GRAU 5.56 and this guide will help you do just that.

Best Attachments

The best attachments for the GRAU 556 in Warzone are the XRK Void Grip, Commando Foregrip and the 50 Round Mag extension. The ZRK Void Grip makes the ADS super snappy. The commando Foregrip gives you better recoil control. Finally, the 50 Round Mags give you added ammo per mag. Meaning you don’t need to reload as much.

Best Loadouts

The Silent Killer

Best GRAU Warzone loadout. Silent Killer

You need to deck out your GRAU with the Monolithic Suppressor so that your shots are silent and that you cannot be easily detected. Take the FFS 20.8” Nexus Barrel, for better damage range and easier recoil control.

You don’t need a stock for this loadout so just choose no stock. For better recoil stabilization and better-aiming stability as well, take the Commando Grip.

Lastly, take 50 Round Mags, the 60 Round Mags slows you down more and with this loadout, you need to be quick and stealthy, so the 50 Round Mags is a better choice.

With these attachments, you are pretty mobile, deal a ton of damage, and can battle it out at range, plus you are also very silent and stealthy because of the suppressor.

Perks that go well with this loadout are Cold-Blooded, Ghost, and Tracker. Cold-Blooded and Ghost will go together with your Mono suppressor, they will help you go undetected and hard to find, allowing you to get to medium or close range to get the kill.

Tracker helps you follow enemies around and get a pretty good idea of where they are hiding or where they are headed.

Being stealthy, especially during the late-game is a big must. You want to avoid huge crowds where multiple people can come at you from different angles.

You are pretty much undetectable with these perks and the suppressor, it can help you get the edge on people and surprise them, rather than them surprise you.

The Mid-Range Champ

Best GRAU Warzone loadout. Mid range

This loadout focuses more on range, damage, and ensuring that each bullet can land on your enemies. This gives the GRAU some great range and can help you get kills from a safe distance. Take the Monolithic Suppressor for that sound suppression and a little bit of extra range. 

The FSS 26.4” Archangel is the go-to barrel for this loadout. It increases the range by a lot and increases the bullet velocity making it easier to land shots on enemies without aiming ahead of them.

It does, however, bring your movement speed down a bit but it does give you better recoil control. The Commando Foregrip gives you better Recoil and Aim Stabilization but it hinders your speed a bit. 

You can choose whichever from the 50 or 60 Rounds Magazine you want, but do keep in mind that the 60 mag slows you a bit more than the 50 mags. 

Finally, take the XRK Void II. It increases your ability to aim down sights and can help you quickly fire after sprinting. This is an overall great loadout for all ranges.

You can get a great shotgun or an SMG to partner up with this GRAU loadout through the use of the Overkill perk. You can then match Double Time and Amped to help you move around faster and easily switch between weapons.

If you prefer playing closer to your enemies, you can also switch Amped to Battle Hardened. Chunk enemies down from range with your GRAU and then finish them off with your preferred shotgun or SMG.