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Warzone: M13 Best Attachments & Loadouts

One of the best things about FPS games is the ability to choose between multiple different guns or weapons available in the game and dominate with it. Often times, there is just no 1 weapon that rules the game. Instead, there are multiple of them to choose from. Warzone is no different. 

The M13 is already a great weapon on its own and can easily help you get a few kills but with the proper attachments and perks, the M13 becomes a weapon that can stand its ground against almost anything.

Best Attachments

The best attachments for the M13 in Warzone are the Tempus Marksman barrel, 60 Rounds and the Ranger Foregrip. The Tempus Marksman barrel gives the AR a well needed boost. The 60 Round mags ensures you have max ammo in your mag. Finally, the Ranger Foregrip provides a great recoil stabilizer.

Best Loadouts

Melting Machine

This loadout is great for melting enemies at medium to long ranges and can even still be useful in close-range combat.

However, you most definitely want to utilize this M13 loadout in medium to long-distance fights because that is where this build shines the most. 

The Monolithic Suppressor provides you with sound suppression and additional damage range, making it a great muzzle for almost any gun.

Take Tempus Marksman as your barrel, it provides increased damage range, faster bullet velocity, and better recoil control, making the M13 more effective at range. 

For better accuracy, make sure to take the G.I. Mini Flex, this will also make the M13 usable at close range. The Ranger Foregrip will help you control your recoil and stabilize your aim, and take the 60 Round Mags for your ammo.

I suggest taking E.O.D., Overkill, and Battle Hardened as your 3 perks. E.O.D. will lessen the effectivity of grenades and explosives, making it harder for your enemies to flush you out and chunk you down with explosives. 

Overkill allows you to get another primary weapon which you can use to balance out your loadout with a good shotgun or SMG.

Honestly, Battle-Hardened can be swapped out for something like Amped so that you can switch between weapons faster but it all comes down to which one you prefer most. I do prefer using Battle Hardened so that you aren’t left vulnerable by flashes or stuns.

The Ghost Loadout

From the name itself, you probably already figured out that this is a stealthy build that makes use of the Ghost perk. With any stealthy build comes the Monolithic Suppressor, there’s no point in being stealthy if your shots can be heard from miles away. 

The Tempus Marksman Barrel provides you with more range, bullet velocity, and better recoil control at the expense of some movement speed and ADS.

The Ranger Foregrip gives you better stabilization when aiming, and better recoil control, in exchange for a bit worse ADS. The FSS CQC Stock will balance things out giving you better ADS. 

The centerpiece of this build is the .300 Blackout Conversion Kit, it gives you more range, and it leaves no death marker and bullet trails, making you into the ghost you truly are.

Ghost is obviously the red perk you need to take, it makes you undetectable by things like UAV, Radar Drones, and even Heartbeat sensors.

You can take your stealth to the next level by taking Cold-blooded making you undetectable by targeting systems and thermal optics. 

Lastly, round up your perks with Tracker. You will always know where your enemies are, but they will never know where you are. This build is amazing for close to medium range fights.

However, you are quite vulnerable at long ranges but you are pretty much undetectable with this loadout so you don’t have to worry about long ranges that much unless you are running straight out in the open.