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Tips for PUBG Beginners Win more Chicken Dinners

You’ve probably landed here looking to win more Chicken Dinners in PUBG. Good. Because you have landed on the right page. Below I have compiled a list of tips for PUBG beginners. This will help you win more Chicken Dinners. And hopefully, stop you from running around like a headless chicken. See what I did there?!

These tips apply to PC and console players. Let’s get into it…

Before Starting: Foliage Low

PC Only

Setting the foliage to low will allow your graphics card to not render the high grassy areas across the map. 

Settings your foliage to low essentially eliminates the enemy’s cover. When it is set to low. You will just see the enemy lying on the ground. Although the enemy thinks they are hidden in the grass. This will give you a huge advantage over them. However, this doesn’t stop them from using the same tactic mind you.

Console (Controller Setting A and B)

Players are given the option to switch between controller settings A or B. Setting A is the default. If you’re used to playing shooters particularly Call of Duty and Battlefield. It is recommended you switch to setting B. Setting B will enable your player to aim down sights as the trigger is held. Once you take your finger off the trigger your player will lower their weapon. If kept on setting A. You will have to double-tap the trigger to aim down sights and tap it again to lower your weapon. This gets annoying if you’re not used to it.

Knowing Where To Land in PUBG

This is an important aspect for all PUBG beginners. You must know where to land, this will also depend on what your objectives are. 

If you land in the smaller villages and settlements. It will give you an advantage because you will be able to get all your looting done without running into too many enemies. Mansion and Prison in the East of the map are good for newer players to land.

However, it also means you will have a lot of travel ahead of you trying to get to the next circle. As a beginner, you should start off landing far away. This will help you get used to the game and surroundings. 

On the flip side of this, is the GitGud tactic. This is the idea that if you land in the hotspots of the map (places such as Georgopol, Pochinki and Military Base).

You can get better quicker because you’re more likely to get into gunfights. Essentially, throwing yourself into the deep end. Try mixing it up as much as you can. Land in cooler spots some games and hotspots the next.

Check out this great map guide created by Reddit user ShatterNL. He has made a color-coordinated map showing high and low loot areas. Including areas where vehicles spawn and more.

If you want a more in-depth guide on the best drop spots in PUBG. Check out more of our map guides below.

Best Places to Land in Erangel PUBG
PUBG Beginners Tips Map Guide
Source: Reddit post

Jumping from the plane in PUBG

When jumping from the plane the best tactic is to jump and immediately plummet straight down and get to max speed which is around 230 km/h. 

This will allow you to get ahead of other people and also allow you to pull your parachute a little bit after the parachute opening point.

Understanding the loot in PUBG

A tips for PUBG beginner’s guide would not be complete without explaining the basics of the loot. It’s important to know the loot and what exactly you are picking up. This is important in order to reserve your carrying capacity. 

Level/Tier System

When scavenging the map you will come across different loot items to pick up. Some items have a level. There are three levels, 1 being the most common and therefore worst tier. Level 3 is the rarest and best tier level. Level 2 is the average loot tier.

How do the Backpacks work in PUBG?

Picking up backpacks in PUBG increases your carrying capacity. The increases are as follows:

  • Level 1. 150
  • Level 2. 200
  • Level 3. 250

Moreover, if you pick up any torso armor. Your carrying capacity will increase by another 50 regardless of its level.

What is the best Armor in PUBG?

The armor in PUBG doesn’t mitigate damage differently. The levels are simply based on their durability. So when you land try to pick up any armor available. Obviously, if you find higher-level armor equip it right away. 

However, if you loot someone that has damaged level 3 armor and you have a new level 1 armor. It’s best to keep your stronger level 1 armor than to swap with the damaged level 3. Damaged armor regardless of level will always be worse than new armor.

Which Helmets are the best in PUBG?

Helmets level 1 and 2 prevent you from getting one-shot killed from headshots. However, they will not provide body protection. The level 3 helmet helps with getting shot in the face because it has a faceguard.

Know how to heal yourself in PUBG

An essential in the PUBG beginner’s tips guide is knowing how to heal yourself. Bandages are the most common healing kits you will find. You can use multiple bandages which will heal you up to 75% of your health. 

First Aid kits work in the same way but they will instantly heal 75% of your health. Medkits heal 100% of your health but they are quite rare. 

Energy drinks, painkillers, and adrenaline syringes will heal you over time and can heal you up to 75% of your health. Taking 2 energy drinks or 2 painkillers at the same time will also give you a speed boost which will help you outrun the circle or even an enemy if you need to.

PUBG Circle awareness

This is an extremely important aspect of PUBG. It’s easy to forget about the circle. Especially if you’re new to the game and caught up in exploring and looting new areas.

Keep an eye on your map regularly and stay aware of where the circle is. This will ensure you don’t get caught up too far to outrun the circle.

PUBG Equipment and using it

You don’t need to go into your inventory to equip various items. On PC there are quick keys which can do this for you. For example, pressing 5 will allow you to toggle different grenades. Also, right-clicking on another player’s equipment while looting will automatically add this equipment to your inventory.

Remember to drop ammo you’re not using to free up inventory. For example, if you’re not using shotguns anymore, drop your shotgun ammo and the same goes for any pistol ammo you use. 

The ACOG scope is a very useful attachment on any long-range weapon. The reason being. It makes it a lot easier to aim at enemies from a distance. Most gunfights in this game will be medium to long-range so being able to aim easier will make a hell of a difference. Stay on the lookout for the 6x scope. This is a great scope as it lets you zoom in and out. Note that the 8x and 15x can only be attached to sniper rifles.

Weapons in PUBG also come with the option of full auto or burst. Burst will be the default upon picking up the weapon. Remember to switch over to full auto. Moreover, always remember to load the gun as soon as you pick it up.

We discuss each weapon including listing the best weapons in PUBG.
PUBG Weapons In-Depth Guide

Use the right vehicle in PUBG

The UAZ has to be the best vehicle in the game because it has the fastest launch speed. Other vehicles like the Dazia are a lot quicker. However, the UAZ has the edge because it can get you out of a sticky situation the quickest.

It also annihilates all other vehicles when climbing up hills or steep terrain. The UAZ rains as the hardest vehicle to flip compared to the motorbike or the buggy.

A great thing about vehicles is that they can be moved. The UAZ also provides the best cover when in gunfights. Remember positioning is key in PUBG. 

Stay Mobile if you want more Chicken Dinners in PUBG

Like most Battle Royale games the key to staying alive and getting the upper hand on the enemy is to stay moving. Whether you’re looting or going up against an enemy. Always be thinking about moving and changing your position.

Strafing left to right while looting will keep you protected. It’s the same for gunfights. Always keep in mind to change your position as much as possible.

Don’t stay in one building for too long in a gunfight. If you can try circling and coming out the other side of a building. This will throw your opponent off and keep them guessing as to what to do next. 

Not everyone has an aggressive play style but try switching up your style and getting out of your comfort zone. You might find a new skill you’re good at.

Protip: use your camera to look around while your running. This will allow you to keep running in the same direction while looking to the side or behind you for nearby enemies. To do this on On PC hold down the L key and move your mouse.

Wrapping up…

If you have got this far, congratulations. You are now equipped with golden knowledge to up your game and start winning more PUBG matches. As with all games, the more you play, the more you improve. So get out there and implement these tips.

If you enjoyed these tips for PUBG beginners. You might like this guide for Fortnite beginners too. Please check it out if you play Fortnite… Badly.

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