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Top 12 Tips for Blackout Beginners in 2019

Blackout is Call of Duty’s first Battle Royale installment featured in Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Call of Duty has been going downhill for a long time and many believe Blackout revived the franchise. I have compiled this Top Tips for Blackout Beginners guide to help people just starting. Below you will find all the essentials you need to know. Plus tips on gameplay and everything else. 

Blackout Essentials

You can play Blackout in Solos, Duos and Quads. Each Blackout game contains a total of 88 players. Players battle it out to be the last alive to win the game. Your typical battle royale game. Players need to stay within the circle as each circle gets smaller at every interval. Pushing players closer together until the last few players inevitably meet to claim victory.

Dropping into the map

This is the first thing you will do. So it is the first thing I will mention in this top tips for Blackout beginners guide. You should always try to drop into the map first. A very useful tip when dropping is to plummet down until you reach max speed(60ms). Then you can level off. You will keep your speed and get to where you want to go much faster.

Blackout Top Tips for Beginners: Parachuting into map.

When you drop into the map it is best to have a place chosen before you jump. I often have a favorite place to jump. I always go there and I have the place mastered. 

However, if you are a complete beginner. It is best to land in the cool spots. This will help you get familiar with the game. A lot of people will tell you to land in the hotspots to get better at the game.

However, I think this will kill your fun because you will die often. The best option is to mix it up. Drop into hotspots and cool spots sometimes. Mixing it up will hone your skills as a player. 

Check out this map guide which shows you all the landing hotpots in Blackout. Coincidentally, they are nearly all along the center of the map from North to South. The main Blackout landing hotspots include Firing Range, River Town, and Train Station.

Source: Blackout subreddit

Top Tips for Blackout Beginners Guide: Combat Tips and Tricks

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Move and do it wildly

Don’t stand around for too long when out in the open. This is a kill or be killed game. There is always an enemy nearby. Regardless of whether you think you are safe or not. You’re probably not. 

It’s always best to move sporadically when running across open land. You never know who is watching you with a sniper. If you’re just running straight. You’re an easy target. Try jump-sliding every few steps or so. This will make it much harder to be taken out from afar. 

Remember this cool wingsuit ability

You can use your wingsuit when jumping from a high building. Do this by jumping off the building and holding the jump button. You will deploy your wingsuit and glide to safety. Just make sure the building is tall enough or it won’t work

How loud are footsteps in Blackout

Remember that footsteps are quite loud in Blackout. When you need to sneak up on somebody. Or you suspect someone might be camped out in a building you’re approaching. Make sure to crouch and approach cautiously. 

Always keep your loot in mind

Remember the loot you pick up and always keep it in mind. I would suggest equipping your 9 Bang or other tactical equipment immediately. This way it will be quickly available when you need it. Things like grenades, perks. and consumables are very important. Especially in the later rounds. Use them.

Top Tips for Blackout Beginners: Picking up loot

Don’t Loot like a Looney

When looting you should always be precautious. You’ve killed an enemy and you’re on a buzz. I get it. But don’t forget that somebody nearby probably heard you. So they could be approaching. I get lots of kills by people standing mindlessly over a loot bag. Don’t be that guy. Instead, go prone and hide before you start to loot. 

Vehicles are very noisy

Try to avoid your time in vehicles as much as you can. They are very noisy and can be heard from a mile away. Besides Blackout isn’t that big of a map. You can pretty much get to where you are going quite quickly. Vehicles should only really be used if you are trying to escape a doomed gunfight. Or if you have to outrun the circle. 

Top Tips for Blackout Beginners: vehicles showcase

Headshots pay off

Try to be more conscious of aiming for the head. Blackout has a sweet headshot multiplier. So going for headshots pay off trust me. Moreover, armor doesn’t protect you from headshots, with the exception of level three armor. However, level three armor is quite rare so your opponent will most likely have level one or two.

Highground gets you to low rounds

Getting to high ground in any Battle Royale is a good idea. So the same goes for Blackout. Being above the enemy will give you a wider field of view. Therefore, you are much more likely to see the enemy before they see you. However, that doesn’t mean sitting like a duck on a hill. If you’re going to get the high ground make sure you have cover. Hide near the various trees, rocks, bushes, and overgrowth scattered throughout Blackout. 

Spice up your gameplay

Always keep in mind you are constantly being watched and hunted. Make sure you spice things up a bit and stay creative. This means keeping your movement unpredictable and sporadic. Learn the various wall and rooftops you can mantle. Don’t ever sit in a house for too long. Why not circle around the building and flank the enemy. Remember being aware of your surroundings is crucial in Blackout.

Picking up loot fast and efficiently

There is a great way to pick up loot faster. You can pick it up while running too. What you need to do is hold down on the pickup button while slightly looking down but still ahead. This way your character will pick it up and continue running. This is really effective when you first land. As you well know. The race for loot is chaotic. 

Moreover, when picking up a weapon. There will always be ammo beside it. Try to pick up the ammo first. The reason for this is there is no animation for picking up the ammo. But there is for the weapon. Your player will pick up the weapon and prime it. This slows down your loot collecting. 

Pick up as much ammo as you can

Staying on the topic of looting. Make sure to pick up as much different ammo as possible. You never know when you will pick up a weapon that suits the type of ammo you have in your backpack. The key is to max out all ammo types as it doesn’t affect your ability to hold others.


When playing Blackout. Make sure to take your time and get to know your surroundings. The key to getting better is to practice. Next time you jump into a game keep in mind these tips. So get out there and start winning more games. 

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Let us know in the comments section what helped you get better at Blackout.