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Best Places to Land in Erangel PUBG

Wondering what the best places are to land in Erangel PUBG? We feel your curiosity. Knowing the best places to land in Player Unknown Battlegrounds is vital to your success. One has to consider where to land, based on the loot they will get, how many players are dropping there and how far they will be from the circle when it starts to collapse.

Moreover, it’s important to remember that the planes’ flight direction changes every match. So it is best to have a variety of places to land in order to adapt to the direction of the plane. 

This guide will take you through the best places to land in Erangel. We don’t only focus on loot based areas. Our guide is also structured around where to land for the most kills and distance from the potential circle, etc.

Check out this great map by Reddit user ShatterNL. He has marked all the spots for vehicles, loot, and boats on Erangel. Below the map, we will take you through each of our chosen spots and explain the reasoning behind why you should land in them.

Erangel PUBG Best Drop Spots

Sosnovka Military Base

The first spot we suggest is Military Base. This is a PUBG fan favorite and a total hot spot for top tier loot. However, because it’s a hot spot for loot, it is normally packed full of bloodthirsty players. On the hunt for weapons and of course, you. 

Military Base is crammed full of tight-knit buildings and cells ample for close-quarter combat. And a lot of buildings means a lot of loot. Including, plenty of Assault Rifles, SMGs and even level 3 vests and helmets. 

If you decide to land in Military Base, make sure to get down quickly and play it stealthy. Once you rush to get weapons, take your time and watch your angles. There will definitely be plenty of enemies waiting to take you out. 

Military Base Erangel PUBG Best Drop Spots


Novorepnoye also referred to as Novo is a great place to land for both solo players or squads. Novo is just east of the Military Base mentioned above. It is a slightly quieter version of Military Base but still contains lots of top-level loot.

The central part of Novo is scattered with cargo crates, full of military loot. If you land here, be very cautious of people running between or on top of the crates. Keep low and play it safe. This is a loot hot spot so it can be busy at times. 

Moreover, you will most likely need to rotate to the main island eventually. This is made relatively easily with plenty of boats along the coast of Novo.


Yet another major loot hot spot in PUBG. Georgopol sits in the northeast of Errangel. Generally, there are two main areas to land in Georgopol.

The first area is the crates to the north of Georgopol. These crates are often quite busy and there are bound to be people dropping here. Mainly because of the loot that spawns on and around the crates. If you’re a more seasoned player land on the crates if you want to rack up some early kills.

Georgopol Erangel PUBG Best Drop Spots

The second spot in Georgopol is the warehouses just next to the crates. The warehouses are certainly the safer option to land. You can rush in, gather some loot and then take cover before deciding your next move. 

Both areas will have an abundance of weapons, armor, helmets, and loot of all tiers. We recommend landing near the warehouses, then making your way over towards the crates.

Moreover, it’s also important to remember that plenty of vehicles spawn in Georgopol. So keep this in mind if you need to quickly get to the next circle.

School & Apartments

The school and the nearby apartments are great spots to land for loot. We will discuss the school first.

The School 

You will find plenty of top tier loot at the school. However, with a lot of good loot comes a lot of enemy players. So if landing in the school, you have to get down quickly and play it sharp.

We recommend picking up an SMG or a shotgun first and making your way through the abandoned classrooms. However, be very cautious of players camping in rooms waiting for you to walk in.

School & Apts Erangel PUBG Best Drop Spots

The Apartments

Similar to the School, the Apartments are also packed full of top-level loot. We recommend a similar strategy to the School. Land fast and be cautious. There are lots of rooms enemies could be in and angles people can spot you from. Take your time and be careful.

Woodcutters Camp

Woodcutters Camp is located in a crater just to the north of Mylta. It features lots of warehouses and buildings to loot from. It is recommended to get down fast and loot as quickly as possible. 

Woodcutters Camp Erangel PUBG Best Drop Spots

Similar to the apartments mentioned above, remember to be cautious of enemy players waiting for you in rooms. You can be taken out quite easily if you rush in. After looting here, make your way over to either Prison or Shelter depending on where the circle is. 


Lipovka is a small settlement just north of Mylta Tower. Compared to the previously recommended spots discussed above. It is a quieter spot to land. However, you can still bag some nice loot and weaponry here if you go looking long enough. 

Lipovka Erangel PUBG Best Drop Spots

We recommend landing to the south of the town. The south of Lipovka is where you will find the most military-grade loot. The town also has plenty of boat and vehicle spawns if you find yourself far away from the circle. 

If you are far away from the circle and have to travel by boat along the coast. Make sure you have plenty of healing items to get you through the storm. Travelling along the coast will most likely leave you caught in the storm so having plenty of bandages and first aids are a necessity. 


Right bang in the center of the map lies Pochinki. It is the center point of Erangel and one of the most popular landing spots in the entire game. Like most Battle Royales, the center point of the map is always the busiest area. 

Pochinki Erangel PUBG Best Drop Spots

Keep an eye on the flight path. If the plane goes directly over Pochinki there will most certainly be tonnes of players dropping all over this town like flies on dung.

It is packed full of top tier loot and weapons. Pochinki’s housing estates are very compact making it crazy hectic with a lot of close-quarter engagements. We recommend landing at Pochinki only if you have been playing PUBG for a while and are comfortable with the mechanics. 

Yosnoya Polyana

Yosnoya Polyana is a large settlement to the northeast of Errangel. In the center of Polyana lies many buildings and apartments to loot from. You will definitely find plenty of top tier loot as Polyana is a hot spot for great loot.

Yosnoya Erangel PUBG Best Drop Spots

If you land here, try to stay away from the east of the area as this is mainly farmland with hay bails scattered around. Polyana is also close to the river so there is a boat nearby if you need to rotate west to the circle. 

The only downfall of Polyana is the lack of vehicles compared to other landing spots like Georgopol or Military Base. Overall, it is a good spot to land regardless of the plane’s flight path.