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Fortnite Beginner Tips to Improve Gameplay


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So you have come here looking for beginner tips to improve at Fortnite. Well, you have found the right guide.

Fortnite is by far the hottest Battle Royale on the market at the moment. It has parents worried sick because their kids are straight-up addicted. They won’t get off the computer. Some have even peed themselves just to keep playing it. A bit sad really.

Seeing as though you are addicted you may as-well be good at the game. Here I have compiled a list of top tips to get better at Fortnite. 

This Fortnite guide will give you that extra edge over most people who frankly haven’t a clue how to play the game. So without further ado let’s get into the guide.

The Number 1 Fortnite Beginner Tip

The most important of the Fortnite beginner tips is building. A crucial part of Fortnite is to improve your building skills. Fortnite is all about using your environment to survive. 

Fortnite does it differently to all other Battle Royales because it lets you build your own protective environment using a combination of wood, stone, and metal.

Building fast is very important but it’s not the key. Being able to build in the right place fast is what you need to learn.

When you go toe to toe with an enemy you should immediately place something down to protect yourself. Try dropping a quick stairs with a wall and try to get the height advantage early. 

Throw walls and stairs in the enemies face and jump around while firing like a maniac. That should do the trick.

There is a great website called JustBuild. JustBuild is a building simulator. It is for people who just want to practice building. Without having to be in a game. It is a really useful and handy tool.

Fortnite beginner tip: JustBuild tool to get better at Fortnite
JustBuild helps you improve your building skills

Collecting Resources Quicker

You can’t build without collecting resources first. So it’s very important to collect as much as possible as quick as possible. 

Wood pallets give you a tonne of wood so make sure to always collect them. Trees and most housing materials are great also.

There is a very important method to master when collecting resources. When swinging a pickaxe switch back to your weapon when the object is destroyed. This will stop the slow-motion animation that happens when the pickaxe finishes swinging. So swing – wait for the object to break – switch back to your weapon.

There is another great method that will drastically speed up your collecting skills. Many of the pro players use this method. When collecting resources while running. You need to jump, swing your ax once or twice and quickly switch back to a weapon. Repeat this method for all situations to drastically increase your collecting speed.

Shields Are The Sh*t in Fortnite

Shields are the key to winning games. It’s so important its literally a matter of life and death. Especially when you get down to the last few players in the game. 

This same idea applies to nearly all Battle Royales because let’s face it. Whoever has more health has a much better advantage of coming out of the gunfight alive. 

The key to using shields is to drink them immediately and as soon as you find them. The more health you have in a gunfight, the better. It makes sense right!

You should also seriously start thinking about what you have in your inventory. Always prioritize a shield if you find one. More health means more wins. Remember that.

Try To Land First

Landing is an art in itself. Some will tell you if you want to get better at the game you should land in the hotspots. However, that is not necessarily true. 

When you are just a beginner try landing in the low parts of the map to ensure you have adequate cover. This will enable you to get comfortable with the game first.

Experiment with different landing spots until you find one you like. Then you master it. If you land in an area you know off by heart you’re more likely to get those first kills early in the game.

Wood Is Your Friend

Wood is the best resource in Fortnite purely because of its versatility. It has the most health while being placed. 

It can withstand more than one shot when being placed while metal and stone cannot. It is also the quickest building material over stone and metal any day.

Always prioritize wood over everything else.

Be Mobile And Aggressive

Fortnite is a fast-paced game so it’s best to keep moving and always remember to build cover when in a gunfight.

The controversial thing about Fortnite is how easy it is to shoot on target while strafing. So don’t worry too much about your aim while being on the move. Even a sniper can hit on target while jumping and strafing.

General Combat Knowledge

Fully Autos and Snipers

The last of the Fortnite beginner tips is to understand how the general combat works. Picking up weapons like assault rifles and sniper rifles should be a priority.

Most of your gunfights will be close to mid-range. So it’s best to prioritize assault rifles because they work best in these situations. Keep a sniper rifle if you find one. This will make it a lot easier to pick off enemies from far away.

Burst Fire your Weapons. Don’t Spray and Pray

Like most games, it is best to burst fire weapons. Especially fully auto weapons. This means you tap the fire button instead of just holding it down.

Guns in Fortnite have a large reticle spread when fired full blast. So calm down with the trigger happy spray and pray tactics. Take your time and try actually aiming for your enemy.

Fortnite is a Survival Game not a Killing Game

It’s fine to not have any kills late into a game. Remember that this is a survival game. Last one alive wins right? So start playing with this in mind.

Try using your cover and stealth as much as possible. However, this doesn’t mean hiding somewhere and hoping the enemy runs away. Remember to be always on the move. If you come up against an enemy take them out. But don’t go for ridiculous kills from across the map. This will only most likely give away your position. Resulting in you losing again.


If you want to improve at Fortnite. You got to practice as much as possible. The next time you play the game be more conscious of some of these tips I have told you. Getting better at gaming, in general, is all about practice. Definitely give JustBuild a shot. Getting better at building would be the first step I would consider.

If you enjoyed my Fortnite beginner tips article or have any questions. Please feel free to drop a comment. Also, make sure to check out more guides on Kavo Gaming.

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