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How to make the MPX variant in Modern Warfare?


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Are you wondering how to make the MPX in Modern Warfare? Great! This guide takes you through everything you need to do to make it. We also look at the stats of the weapon and discuss whether the weapon is viable in-game.

Most of the weapons in Modern Warfare can be altered in some way to make variants of the base weapon. This guide will show you how to make the MPX SMG from the M4A1. It is essentially an SMG variant of the M4.

What you need to do first

You will need to level up the weapon the M4A1 first. Level 50 should be enough to make the MPX. Once you’re done leveling up the weapon. Add the following attachments to the M4.

How to make the MPX in Modern Warfare?

The first attachment you need to add is the 11.5-inch Commando barrel. Then take off the stock(no stock attachment). Finally, add the 9mm round magazine. You have now created the MPX SMG variant of the M4. 

Next, we will discuss the weapon stats and how best to use the weapon in-game.

How to make the MPX attachments MW
How to make the MPX in Modern Warfare

MPX Stats

  • Damage: 22-14
  • Rate of Fire: 1000RPM
  • Shots to Kill: 4-6

Working with the stats above we can see that the MPX will kill in 4 to 6 shots depending on where you land your shots. It will take out an enemy in 4 shots if you aim for the chest and above. This is also provided you are in very close range. It then drops off to 6 shots at longer range. Therefore, it is always recommended to use the weapon in close range. Please see our strategy for the MPX below.

Best strategy for the MPX

The MPX is a close-quarter combat weapon. It is, after all, a submachine gun. It is recommended to use the weapon on smaller maps that you can rush on. Maps such as Shoot House and Hackney Yard. The MPX has very fast ADS and sprint out time making it a very viable weapon for fast-paced gameplay. 

Stats Source: Drift0r