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Warzone: MP7 Best Attachment & Loadouts

Sub-machine Guns or SMGs are often the substitute players use for Assault Rifles. AR’s offer more range and a bit more damage in exchange for being bulkier, lower fire rates, and have less mobility. 

SMGs, on the other hand, are better for close to medium range fights, have faster fire rates, and allow you to move quicker, but have less range overall. SMGs are very powerful when used in the right way and can easily win a battle over an AR user when in proper range.

We also have a guide on the best attachments and class setups for the MP7 in Modern Warfare Multiplayer, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Best Attachments

The best attachments for the MP7 in Warzone are the FFS Recon barrel and the 50 and 60 round mag extension. The FFS Recon barrel extends the range of the MP7 and the magazine extension gives you added magazine capacity which is essential in Warzone.

Best Loadouts

The All-rounder

MP7 Warzone best loadout: All Rounder

This loadout is a great balanced loadout for the MP7. It has enough range making it a decent medium range weapon but is still a great weapon at close range. The Monolithic Suppressor gives you the ability to silence your shots plus some additional range. 

Take the Merc Grip for better recoil control and better hip-fire accuracy. The FSS Recon Barrel will help you get a little bit more range than you need to compete with other guns and also some improved recoil control. Running a no stock setup allows you to be more mobile, and lastly lake the 60 Round Mags.

Honestly, running an MP7 as your primary leaves you very vulnerable at long ranges so take Overkill to partner it up with a good sniper rifle like the AX-50 or the HDR. Pick up the Cold-Blooded to help you stay hidden better. For your last perk amped is a great choice so that you can easily switch between your sniper and MP7.

The Mobile Champ

MP7 Warzone best loadout:  Mobile champ

This loadout is a very mobile and agile build. It gives you great mobility to run around and catch enemies off-guard. Take the G.I. Mini Reflex, FSS Strike, 50 Round Mags, Stippled Grip Tape, and No Stock as your attachments. 

The G.I. Mini Reflex gives you a better aim because of the clearer picture and doesn’t slow you down. The FSS Strike gives you better damage range and faster bullet velocity allowing your bullets to hit your enemies faster. 

The Stippled Grip Tape compensates for the ADS you lost, plus gives you better sprint to fire speed. Running no stock allows you to be more mobile and giving you more ADS. Taking the 50 Round Mag instead of the 60 Round gives you a bit more movement speed, 50 should be more than enough ammo for you to take down your enemies.

Be sure to take Tracker, Overkill, and Double Time. Tracker helps you a lot in locating your enemies by allowing you to see their footsteps and hide their death markers.

Overkill allows you to take an AR for better long-range battling and mobility. Double Time helps you rotate faster and reposition because of the longer sprint times and more speed when crouching.