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Warzone: FAL Best Attachments & Loadouts

The FAL is a beloved weapon within the Warzone community. Many players like it and run it as their primary weapon.

The FAL is among one of the best assault rifles in the game, right up there with the M4A1. It can be a very deadly weapon when placed in the right hands.

Best attachments

The best attachments for the FAL in Warzone are the XRK Marksman Barrel, No Stock, and an optic of the players choice. The XRK Marksman Rifle gives you extra damage range and bullet velocity plus extra recoil stabilization.

No Stock allows you to strafe faster while you plug enemies from close range. Finally, an optic is highly recommended on the FAL to increase bullet accuracy from medium to long range. We recommend the VLK Optic.

Best Loadouts

The Distant Damage Dealer

FAL Best Loadout Warzone: Distant Damage

This FAL loadout is great for medium to long-range engagements, dealing high damage at range is always a must. 

The attachments for this build are Muzzle Brake, XRK Marksman, Tac Laser, VLK 3.0x Optic, and the FSS Close Quarters Stock. 

The Muzzle Brake helps stabilize your recoil. The XRK Marksman increases your damage range, increases the bullet velocity, and helps recoil control as well. However, it does hinder your movement speed a bit, but you should be fine.

The Tac laser improves your ADS, the stability of your aim, and the stability while waking, the downside is that the laser can be seen by enemies. 

The VLK 3.0x Optic just provides great hip-fire and mid-range accuracy, unfortunately, it does leave you weaker in close range fights. Lastly, the FSS Close Quarters Stock improves your ADS, balancing everything out.

With this loadout you can easily decimate enemies in medium to long-range fights, so you don’t necessarily need the Overkill perk to grab a sniper.

You can take the High Alert perk though, which helps you know when enemies are targeting you or can see you when you can’t see them. It’s incredibly useful and can help you get out of tricky situations quickly. 

Double Time will help you move around quicker because of the extended Tactical Sprint duration, so take that as your blue perk. Lastly, you can take Tracker to help you see enemies before they see you. These 3 perks make a good combination that helps you avoid fights that are unfavorable.

Without a Trace 

FAL Best Loadout Warzone:  Without Trace

Once again take the XRK Marksman because it adds range to the FAL with better recoil control and faster bullet velocity as well. Take the Canted Hybrid as it is a good optic for close to medium range flights. 

Attach the Monolithic Suppressor to help hide the sound of your shots and add some range too. Run No Stock so that you have increased movement speed and better ADS. 

Finally, take the Ranger Foregrip to balance things out with the added recoil control and aiming stability. Using these attachments makes the FAL a great close-mid range weapon and decent at longer ranges.

You can take Overkill to finish off your loadout with another primary. However,  we would prefer the Cold-Blooded and Ghost combination, it helps you hide and be undetectable allowing you to choose your fights. 

Partner those two up with the Tracker perk and become an undetectable killer. The combination of the Cold-Blooded, Ghost, and Tracker is very valuable at the moment.

Especially during the late game where the Gulag is no longer open and second chances are gone. You mess up once, and it’s back to the loading screen for you, so choose your fights wisely.  

Not giving away your position to your enemies and finding out theirs is a huge advantage for you. You gain the element of surprise and are able to freely reposition to a better place.