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AX50 v HDR in Warzone: Which Sniper is Better?

First of all, let’s talk about the Aim Down Sight time or the ADS of both of these snipers.

Aim Down Sights

It may be a surprise to some people but the AX-50 and the HDR actually have the exact same ADS time with no attachments at 617ms. The AX-50 may look faster but in reality, they are just the same.

Going a little bit further, by adding a Thermal optic, the AX-50 has an ADS of 701ms while the HDR has a 684ms ADS time. With both Thermals and the longest barrel, the HDR comes on top again at 767ms against the AX-50’s 801ms. So overall the HDR is a little bit faster.

Also when it comes to swapping from the sniper to another weapon, both snipers are at dead even. 

Damage Ranges

Damage Range is an important aspect to look at since snipers are usually used at long ranges. Both of these snipers can one-shot anyone even with full armor with a headshot, making them even in that category. 

When a shot hits your opponent anywhere within their lower torso both snipers deal 102 damage or 99 damage when they reach their damage drop-off point. Hit them anywhere in the upper torso, and they both deal 112 damage and 99 damage at drop-off point. 

The HDR edges out a bit though because it has a slightly longer drop-off point at 100m compared to the AX-50’s 75m.

However, we don’t think that it’s that important due to the fact that at ranges longer than 100m both deal the exact same damage.

Another very important aspect at range is the bullet velocity, and the bullet drops on snipers. Bullet velocity can be very hard to measure since there are a ton of factors that come into play. However, generally speaking, the HDR has a faster bullet velocity than the AX-50

It hits the target a few frames faster than the AX-50 at 175m and as the range grows, the gap between the two will grow as well, with the HDR coming out on top. 

The HDR also has a shorter bullet drop compared to the AX-50, at shorter ranges the difference is very minor but as the range grows further apart. The bullet drop also grows. Again, giving a slight edge to the HDR.

Rate of Fire

The last stat we are going to talk about are the Rate of Fire for these two snipers. In this department, the AX-50 edges out the HDR.

The AX-50 has an RPM of 48 with the time between each shot at 1.25s while the HDR can fire 42 RPM with 1.44s between each shot. The recoil and re-centering on the AX-50 are also better compared to the HDR, making it relatively easier to land consecutive shots. 

Some bonus points to consider when having the default scope equipped is that the AX-50 is zoomed in a bit more than the HDR and that you have a better view of your peripheral with the AX-50 than the HDR because of the black ring that appears outside your scope with HDR that the AX-50 doesn’t have.

At the end of the day, both snipers are good weapon choices and each sniper has an advantage over the other.

Statistics source: TheXclusiveAce