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Warzone: AX50 Best Attachments & Loadouts

The AX50 is one of the best snipers in Warzone. It’s a devastating weapon at range and can easily help you take down your enemies from afar.

It can be annoying to play against an AX50 player, especially when you don’t have any long-range weapon to match it. 

The AX50 offers insane damage and firepower at range and it can help you get easy and quick kills.

Best Attachments

The best attachments for the A5X50 in Warzone are the Singuard Arms Assassin Stock, Thermal Scope and the Stippled Grip Tape. The Singuard Arms Assassin Stock and Stippled Grip Tape combined boost your ADS speed so you can snap onto targets faster.

The Thermal Scope is great for spotting enemies from distance. However, this is subjective, some people prefer a normal scope. We have included both in our loadouts below.

Best Loadouts

The Sharpshooter Loadout

Take the Compensator as your muzzle which helps improve your recoil control. Next get the 32.0” Factory Barrel which increases damage range, improves recoil control, and increases bullet velocity. This helps you land your shots faster and control your recoil better. 

You can easily fight at long range using the Variable Zoom Scope that can zoom between 3.0x and 5.6x, helping you take down enemies at significant ranges.

Unfortunately, the Compensator, 32” Factory Barrel, and the Variable Zoom Scope all decrease your ADS, so you need to take the Singuard Arms Assassin as your stock to increase ADS and help balance things out. 

Lastly, take the Granulated Grip Tape to improve your aiming stability and to help keep your aim steady while moving.

This AX50 loadout is incredibly powerful at long ranges and still useable at medium ranges making it a great all-around weapon.

However, running a sniper rifle as your primary almost always leaves you vulnerable when it comes to close proximity enemies, so you need to take Overkill to get a great AR or SMG to balance your loadout.

The E.O.D perk lets you take reduced damage from explosives such as the claymore and grenades, making it harder for enemies to flush you out.

Lastly, take the Tracker as your 3rd perk so that you can follow enemies around and easily spot them when they are running around in the open.

The Ninja Sniper

This loadout focuses on being stealthy and taking enemies down with your AX50 from long distances, only engaging when needed.

The key to this loadout is the Monolithic Suppressor, it gives you superior sound suppression helping you to take multiple shots before your enemies even notice where the shots are coming from.

It also adds a bit of range, making it great to pair with the 32.0” Factory Barrel that greatly increases range, recoil control, and your bullet velocity. 

The sound suppression and increased bullet velocity will catch enemies by surprise, they won’t even know what hit them. Allowing you to further utilize the range that you have, take the Thermal Dual Power Scope which offers you 5.0x and 12.1x magnification for shooting at enemies at insane ranges. 

Again, to balance things out make sure to take the Singuard Arms Assassin for better ADS. You can then choose from the Granulated Grip Tape if you want more aiming stability or the Stippled Grip Tape if you want better ADS.

We personally prefer the Granulated Grip Tape for better-aiming stability, something you definitely need at extremely long ranges.

Cold-Blooded, Overkill, and Tracker are the best perks to take for this loadout. Cold-Blooded helps you go undetected and harder to spot, allowing you to stay hidden.

Overkill allows you to take an AR so that you are not vulnerable at close or even medium range fights, and Tracker works great with your Thermal Scope, allowing you to have your enemies visible to you at all times.