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Warzone Battle Royale Best Landing Drop Spots For Loot

So you’re wondering where the best landing locations are in Call of Duty Warzone Battle Royale. Well, we’ve been playing flat out since launch and we have made this in-depth guide on the best, good and worst places to land in Warzone Battle Royale.

If you’re new to Warzone Battle Royale, check out our in-depth Warzone BR guide. It will get you up to scratch with everything from looting, gun rarities, and attachments.

Warzone Battle Royale takes place in Verdansk. A huge and open world full of many different landscapes to explore. It’s actually 3 times the size of Blackout and far more unique.

Each individual location has been designed uniquely so all your drops seem different. It has also brought back some fan-favorite map locations from previous Modern Warfare titles such as Boneyard, a remastered version of MW2s Scrapyard.

We will begin with the best places to land for loot, then we will move on to the good places and finally to the worst places. 

We have also listed all the Buy Station, vehicle and helicopter locations in each area in Warzone.

You should keep in mind that these places are dependent on where the flight path is. For example, in the guide, we explain that Downtown is one of the best places to land for loot.

However, if the flight path goes directly over Downtown. It may not be a good place to drop because tonnes of teams will be dropping there too.

So with that in mind lets get into the best, good and worst places to land in Warzone Battle Royale.

Check out this quick best drop spots map for easy reference

Below the map, we go in-depth on each location and discuss strategies such as rotation options after landing.

Warzone Battle Royale Best Drop Spots for Loot

Best Landing Places

Good Landing Places

Worst Landing Places

Best Places To Land


Lying in the west of the map. The area is dominated by the large terminal and crashed plane at the center of the airport. Depending on where the flight path is, Airport can be quite busy. 

The large terminal in the center is where most of the loot is located. If you find the area too hot, drop to the east of the airport. There are plenty of smaller buildings to rummage through. However, you need to be careful of people on top of the main terminal, especially snipers.

If you need to rotate, Storage Town is to the south and is packed full of loot. That’s why it’s next on the list.

Airport Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

Airport has 2 Buy Stations and 1 vehicle.

Airport Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

Storage Town

Just south of Airport sits Storage Town. It’s a fitting name because we think it’s storing all of Verdansk’s loot. The main area of Storage Town contains about 28 buildings to loot from. A lot of the buildings have many open planned sections with plenty of floor loot and loot boxes. 

The east part of Storage Town features a Buy Station. So before you begin to rotate. Make your way to the Buy Station and stock up on equipment or Killstreaks.

Storage Town Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

Storage Town has 1 Buy Station.

Storage Town Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

TV Station

Located smack bang in the center of Vardansk sits TV Station. This location is literally packed full of loot. However, tonnes of loot means tonnes of enemies. Even though the area has a lot of open areas. 

The goal when dropping here is to aim for the cube-shaped building in the west of the area. However, it is busy at times so beware of people already in the area. 

When its time to move out. There is plenty of options. Some good routes are south to Hospital or Downtown. 

TV Station Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

TV Station has 2 vehicles and 1 helicopter.

Train Station

Lying in the South West of the map is Train Station. This train station is huge and features a massive terminal that runs the length of the location. 

Train Station gets plenty of people dropping. However, if you and your team can get their first and loot up. You will really have the advantage later on in the game. 

We have landed here many times and have always left with some Legendary weapons and some killstreaks.

Train Station Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

Train Station has 3 Buy Stations and 2 vehicles.

Train Station Buy Station & Vehicle Locations


Hospital is in the south-central area of Verdansk. To the south of the settlement features the main hospital ward with two other large buildings to the side of it.

Because Hospital is central, a lot of people tend to jump here so be ready to fight. The good thing about it being central is that it’s surrounded by great areas to rotate to. You have Downtown to the east and Train Station to the west. You could also move into Promenade East if the line permits.

Hospital Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

Hospital has 4 Buy Stations, 4 vehicles and 1 helicopter.

Hospital Buy Station & Vehicle Locations


A copy and past from Grounwards Tavorsk District. Downtown is a high loot and high-risk location. Literally tonnes of players land here for a number of reasons. The main reason being its endless buildings packed full of loot.

If you’re landing here, try land on the rooftops and bag yourself an LMG or maybe a Sniper rifle. 

Being high will give you a great advantage and allows you to scope out other hotspots such as Stadium and Hospital. 

A good location to land is north of Downtown. This gives you a great advantage of people rotating out of Stadium.

Downtown Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

Hospital has 8 Buy Stations, 6 vehicles and 1 helicopter.

Downtown Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

Good Places To Land

Promenade West and East

The Promenades West and East are both great locations to land. They make up two vast areas with plenty of buildings and floor loot. However, the quality of the loot may not be great. 

The best thing about landing in either of the Promenades is they give you great options to rotate with your team. If you land in Promenade West rotate north towards TV Station. If you decide to land in the eastern part, the hospital is nearby and contains plenty of high tier loot.

Promenade West Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

Promenade West has 3 Buy Stations and 3 vehicles.

Promenade East Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

Promenade East has 5 Buy Stations and 5 vehicles.


The Stadium, although it may be lacking in loot sometimes. It definitely makes up for it in cover and seclusion. This is a great place to drop if you want more of a quiet drop. The loot certainly could be better. 

However, if you and your team clear out the area. You’re set up nicely to make your way to TV Station or even Downtown. 

Just make sure you get down fast as being first gives you all the advantage.

Stadium Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

Stadium has 5 Buy Stations and 5 vehicles.


Lying southeast of Downtown is the port of Verdansk. It actually tends to be quiet with decent levels of loot. 

The main entry building is the largest building in the port and contains most of the floor loot and loot caches. 

When you’re done in Port. Depending on where the next circle is. You could rotate towards Downtown, Farmland, or Park.

Port Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

Port has 5 Buy Stations, 4 vehicles and 1 helicopter.


Quarry lies to the very north of Verdansk. Although it’s off the beaten track. It tends to contain pretty decent loot. It’s a nice quieter place to drop with you and your teammates.

Drop fast, loot, take out any enemies and quickly use one of the 4 vehicles in the area to rotate towards TV Station or even the Military Base if needs be.

Quarry Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

Quarry has 4 Buy Stations and 4 vehicles.


Another good spot that doesn’t tend to get too hectic is Lumber. Its located just north of Farmland and contains a fair amount of buildings to loot from. 

The buildings and area as a whole allow you to get a great height advantage of any enemies approaching from Farmland or Stadium.

Lumber Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

Lumber has 1 Buy Station and 3 vehicles.


Probably one of the most out of the way areas of the map. Prison actually contains ok-ish loot from time to time. This location is best suited to a team just starting off and getting the feel for Warzone Battle Royale.

In terms of rotating out of Prison. Your best bet is to use the chopper at the center of the prison to high ace your way outta there as quickly as possible. 

Prison Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

Prison has 2 Buy Stations, 3 vehicles and 1 helicopter.

Worst Places To Land

Military Base

The Military base was a bit of a letdown. Coming from playing PUBG a lot we thought the military base was going to be one of the best spots for looting. Sadly, it’s just not the way it is.

Landing here will probably be quiet. So if you drop here, it will probably be ok for 1 team. The highlight of the Military Base is the helicopter for a quick and easy escape.

Military Base Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

Military Base has 5 Buy Stations, 1 vehicle and 1 helicopter.


The Dam is a damned place for loot and landing. It can be ok-ish from time to time but mostly it’s not a good spot to jump.

If you want to land here, jump to the top of the dam where the 3 buildings are. These buildings will have enough loot for the team. Make your way to the chopper and rotate out of there as quickly as possible.

Dam Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

Dam has 7 Buy Stations, 7 vehicles and 1 helicopter.


An old MW2 throwback map thrown into a BR. What else could you want? Apart from the nostalgic feels, Boneyard isn’t that great when it comes to loot. Its open planned structures don’t provide much cover after landing.

Your best bet is to land at the building in the very south of Boneyard and make your way through the center.

When you’re finished in Boneyard. There are two good rotations. You can either head north to Storage Town or East to Train Station.

Boneyard Buy Station & Vehicle Locations


Atlas Superstore could have been so promising but it just let us down too much. Aswel as it lacking in loot, Superstore is also surrounded by Storage Town, Airport and Train Station, all loot packed areas.

Landing here literally leaves you in the middle of tonnes of enemies. For that reason alone it deserves a spot in the worst drop spots category.

Superstore Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

Atlas Superstore has 1 vehicle.


Hills sits south of the Promenades. It’s lacking in loot and cover which makes it a bad drop spot for beginners aswel as seasoned BR players. 

The best thing we noticed about Hills is it’s littered in vehicles. So you’ll never have a hard time getting out of there. If you do need to evacuate, head towards the Promenades. However, be careful because it’s often busy.

Hills Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

Hills has 6 Buy Stations and 5 vehicles.


The Park is another no go area for us. There’s not much loot and the area is too open. If you end up landing here, head for the large building in the northeast of the area.

The only plus going for Park is that it’s surrounded by other great loot locations such as Downtown to the north, Port to the east and Promenade to the west.

Park Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

Park has 3 Buy Stations and 2 vehicles.


Like Dowtown, Farmland is another copy and paste from Modern Warfare’s Groundwar mode. Unfortunately, it’s not as fun in BR as it is in Groundwar.

Even though there is a lot of loot here, it feels like it is too spread out and if another team lands in Farmland, they tend to camp in the buildings and sound whore people. 

This happened to us 3 times when we landed here. We found the best strategy if you land in Farmland is to drop fast, loot fast and take one of the many vehicles to Lumber, Port or Downtown, depending on where the circle is.

Farmland Buy Station & Vehicle Locations

Farmland has 8 Buy Stations and 10 vehicles.