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Top Tips for Apex Legends Beginners – Noob to Legend

Apex Legends is a fast-paced, high energy shooter. Jumping into this game and playing for the first time might feel demoralizing. Getting blasted to shreds from some fat Asian dudes energy rounds isn’t anybody’s cup of tea. Trust me, I know your pain. To help you, I have compiled a top tips for Apex Legends beginner’s guide.

This guide will help you get better at Apex Legends, guaranteed. All you have to do is be conscious of these tips the next time you hop into a game. So let’s get into the guide.

Apex Essentials

Apex Legends can be played in teams of 3 and in solos. You will drop from an aircraft into the map and loot for weapons and survival gear. The map will get increasingly smaller after each round. Forcing players to eventually meet and fight it out to win the game.

If you want to get better at solos in Apex Legends. Check out our 21 tips to dominate in Apex Solos guide.

So that’s enough of telling you what you already know. Let’s jump into the top tips for Apex Legends beginners guide.

Jumping and landing in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a team game. So start thinking more as a team. When jumping into the map. Fly down close to the ground with your team. Although, don’t land together. Branch off and go into different buildings nearby. Loot is scarce enough in this game.

If all 3 team members land together, the likeliness of you all getting a weapon is far lower because you’re too close together. Therefore, it is best to branch off in close proximity to your teammates. This will guarantee everyone finds a suitable weapon right from the start. Check out this useful map that tells you the chances of finding various loot tiers around the map.

Top Tips for Apex Legends Beginners: Loot Map
Source: Gamepressure

The best equipment to prioritize

From the start. You should be on the lookout for a gun, body armor, and a helmet. Next in line is ammo. Take as much of it as you can. As a result of the game’s high TTK (Time To Kill). You will burn through ammo fast in Apex Legends.

The best weapons to prioritize are mid to long-range weapons. You should also equip a close-range weapon as a backup. Always be on the lookout for extended mags also. As mentioned before ammo doesn’t last long. So extended mags will help a lot. 

Keep moving and be creative

There are so many ways you can move quickly across the world of Apex Legends. You should utilize this to the best of your ability. Climb things, jump between gaps in mountains.

Use your environment as much as possible. Don’t just mindlessly shoot at the enemy when you see them. Try loop around and flank them from behind. Remember, there is no fall damage so if you need to jump from somewhere high. Go for it. 

Get to know your abilities

Remember to use your abilities. Your abilities are there for a reason and can get you out of a sticky situation. For a long time playing the game, I forgot about my abilities. I frankly didn’t know how to use them. I suggest studying the various legends abilities. If you do this, you will find the legend that is best for your play style.

Killing enemies and reviving teammates

When you kill an enemy and you have downed them. They have quite a while to bleed out compared to other Battle Royales. Use this as a tool in your arsenal. Instead of killing the downed enemy. Why not use him to bait the other players. Their teammates are most likely going to come running to save their mate. Hold back and see if you can take out the others who come running.

However, keep in mind that when an enemy is down they still can ping you to their teammates on the map, which could compromise you. The same principle applies when your teammates are downed. Don’t rush in, take your time and be precautious. 

Top Tips for Apex Legends Beginners: reviving a team mate.

Top tip to know the enemies armor and its status

When you shoot at an enemy and get a hit marker. You will see a colored hit marker. This color corresponds to what armor they have. For instance, when you hit them and you see a purple hit marker. It means the enemy has purple armor. This gives you a good idea of what you’re up against. So take note. 

Also, a good thing to know is that a line will appear above your crosshairs when the enemy armor has been depleted. This is a good time to push forward for the kill.

Mastering the ping system in Apex Legends

Everyone in the game has a ping system that enables them to be able to ping an area, enemy and in-game item. If you see a piece of loot that you think might be useful to your teammates. Ping it so it will be marked on the map for them.

You can also ping which direction you’re heading towards which will give your team an idea of where you are going. If you see an enemy in the distance sometimes it might be better to ping them first to let your squad know where they are. 

Top Tips for Apex Legends Beginners – 5 things you should know

  1. Take fallen enemies armor when they are down. The armor you take from them will be full health armor. 
  2. You can slide down a hill infinitely as long as the hill is steep enough. Use this tip to get around quicker. 
  3. At the base of the big air balloons are zip-lines. They help you get around the map quicker. You can zip up and across to the various parts of the world depending on where the zip-line is. 
  4. Use the training mode to get used to all the guns. This is a great way to prepare you for actually picking up the weapons in the game. 
  5. The question mark (?) at the top right of the screen in the later rounds means there are less than 10 players. It also means the squads are fragmented. Meaning there is no one full squad left (3 players). 

To wrap up…

Now you’re equipped with some great tips to improve your Apex Legends gameplay. So get out there and start winning more games.

Don’t be afraid to push enemies and get into gunfights. Be brave and bold young soldiers.

Let us know in the comments section what helped you get better at Apex Legends. Also, if you are new here, make sure to check out our other Apex Legends Guides.

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