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Tips and Tricks to Get Better at Firestorm

You suck at Firestorm don’t you? LOSER! But don’t worry, I have compiled a list of tips and tricks to get better at Firestorm. Below, I will discuss everything from common mistakes to weapon use and player positioning. 

Firestorm Essentials

Firestorm is Battlefield’s first Battle Royale Game mode. It is playable in teams of 2 and 4 as well as solo. A total of 64 players can be on the map at any time. So if playing quads that’s 16 teams of 4 and in duos 32 teams of 2.

Objectives and safes are scattered throughout the map. Finding them will give you access to reinforcements, unusual loot and combat vehicles.

There are no class specific advantages in Firestorm. Meaning it is a more classic real life shooter compared to other Battle Royales.

When you’re downed in Firestorm you can still be revived by your teammates. However, if you bleed out, you’re out of the game. 

Every beginner should know the map and where all the good loot spawns are. Check out this map below by MP1st. It marks all the epic loot locations. This is also a good indicator of hotspots on the map. Hotspots are where lots of people are likely to land.

Tips and Tricks to Get Better at Firestorm: Epic Loot Spots

Choosing character gear – it makes a difference

Before spawning into a game you will choose your character. This doesn’t really make a difference. However, when you spawn into the map. Your character will be a British Operator by default. The British Operator’s gear isn’t great for blending into the environment.

I recommend changing to the German Operator as soon as you spawn in. The German Operator’s clothes are far more suited to blend into the environment. Therefore, you will be much more camouflaged when fighting in urban areas or snow.

Be careful of the Firestorm

It’s probably best to stay away from the edge of the Firestorm as much as you can. I see a lot of players using this as a tactic to hide. However, I wouldn’t really recommend doing it as your vision becomes extremely blurred. Your vision is everything in Firestorm. You need to see what you’re doing right…?

Know how the storm works and ride it

Staying on the topic of the Firestorm. It’s important to know how it works. It literally destroys everything in its path. Including buildings and cars.. EVERYTHING.

However, keep in mind that it only destroys what it touches. For example, if you are in a building and the Firestorm is approaching. If it stops halfway through the building. The rest of the building will be ok. So there is no need to completely crap your pants and bail. Keep this in mind.

You should know your weapon tiers

No tips and tricks to getting better at Firestorm guide would be complete without mentioning the weapons. Like other Battle Royales, the weapons are classified into tiers. Each tier will give your gun extra perks and abilities like scopes, mags, and reduced recoil.

The weapon tiers in Firestorm are as follows:

  • Green: Common
  • Blue: Rare (not so common) 
  • Red: Epic (very rare)

Take note that, not all epic variants are the best and not all will work great with your play style. Always prioritize some sort of scoped weapon. As most gunfights will be close to mid range.

Managing your inventory correctly

It’s important to keep in mind that your inventory will get full. Therefore, it is best to discard any unused ammo. This will only slow down your looting. As you can spend a lot of time discarding ammo if you do it all at once. So be mindful and don’t just pick up anything and everything.

Use your downed foes as bait

As mentioned before. There are no second chances once you bleed out. Players will often run to their team mate to revive them. Use this vulnerability as your advantage. If you take them out from a distance. Don’t just kill them right away. Watch the downed guy closely. His teammates will most likely come running to his rescue. People are very predictable. Use their predictability to punish them.

Make sure to use your gadgets

There are many gadgets and powerful weapons you can use in Firestorm. Remember if you can’t get a good view of somebody fighting in a building. It’s best to fire a missile at the building and destroy it. Remember this is Battlefield. The environment is fully destructible. Also, make good use of the flare. A flare can reveal nearby enemies on the mini-map.

Is using tanks a good idea?

Yes you can get a tank in Firestorm. However, it requires opening large noisy vault doors to do so. This is a sure way to attract attention. Since opening the door sounds an alarm. It is very risky if you think about it.

If playing solos don’t bother if you’re trying to win. The tank option is more viable playing as a team. You can get your team to keep watch as you open the doors. Keep in mind the tanks aren’t that powerful. Infact, they can be destroyed with 3 missiles. They are also quite noisy. 

Mastering your movement and positioning

Like all Battle Royales make good use of your movement and positioning. Be careful when moving and always stay near cover. Staying near cover blocks off angles so you don’t need to worry about them. Try to stay unpredictable by flanking and trying to reposition as much as possible.

To wrap up with the final tip..

The final tip is to get into gunfights. Don’t be hesitant about challenging enemies. If you hear gunfire. Go to it. Approach with caution but don’t be scared to challenge. 

The best way to get better at the game is to get into as many gunfights as possible. 

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Also let us know in the comment section if you have any good tips to get better at Firestorm.