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21 Tips to Dominate in Apex Solos

So we’ve finally got what we were asking for. Solos are playable in Apex Legends. Even if it’s only for a limited time only. At long last, it’s here. We’ve put together a list of 21 tips to help you win more solos games in Apex Legends.

We discuss general gameplay tips and also solo specific tips like what is the best legend to use and how to prevent third partying. Let’s begin with the best legend to use.

The Best Legend for Solos

When choosing a legend for solos, you must keep in mind mobility. You’re going to be on the move a lot in solos. Standing around or holding out in a building just won’t cut it in solos. You need to stay on the move.


Pathfinder is a movement machine. His grapple lets you get on top of roofs and cliff sides. His zipline is great tactical equipment to have to get yourself into tactical positions and escape the storm quickly.


Octane has a jump pad which also allows players to get into great tactical positions. He also has a stim shot which lets you move 30% faster for 6 seconds. Great for getting you out of sticky situations. His swift mend ability also lets you regenerate health automatically.


Bloodhound is a great all-round legend. He is most helpful in solos because of his ability to track enemies’ footsteps and movement. His other ability Eye of the Allfather is great for checking buildings before you go into them. Finally, his ability Beast of the Hunt allows you to highlight enemies. A beast of an ability to have in solos.

People playing in Teams

In the new solo mode, you may notice from time to time. You will encounter people playing together. Even though it is solos. A bit sad right? But anyway, there’s not much you can do here. All you can do is try to hold your own, best of luck.

Use the Same Iron sights

I would definitely recommend using the same Iron Sights and keeping it consistent. For example, if you are holding two assault rifles. Put a 2x Scope on each weapon. The reason being, at the moment, if you’re using different scopes on different weapons, your sensitivity will be changed slightly. Therefore, attaching the same scope keeps your sensitivity consistent.

Use Your Shield when Downed

If you do find yourself downed. Make sure to use your shield for protection. A lot of people in solos won’t use their shield because they don’t want people to know they have a good shield. Don’t be too worried about this. Pop your shield out, get to cover safely and recover.

Push for the High Ground

High ground is crucial in solos. Remember you are alone, you don’t have the assistance of your teammates. This is even more reason to steal the high ground. It gives you a huge tactical advantage over people. So steal it as much as you can.

Apply Constant Pressure

This one is fairly self-explanatory. Try to always apply as much pressure as you can. Don’t give your enemies any time to recover. Constantly applying pressure will suffocate them and make them choke. Never forget, you’re alone, so you must stay active and aggressive.

Master an Area

Always make sure you have an area close by that you know well. If you feel you’re in danger. You can run back here and play the enemy. You know, within your mastered area, you have a tactical advantage. So use this area as a bailout if things get rough.

Defensive Awareness

Apart from being aggressive, you also need to be aware of where enemies can sneak up behind you. Know that you can be third partied at any moment by someone who hears your gunfire from a distance. This is where mastering an area comes in great. If you have an area mastered, you know all the possible routes you can be third partied from.

Early Positioning

Early positioning is all about being aware of where the circle is and where it is going to go next. Lots of people will be in a rush to get to the next circle. You can use this to your advantage. A great tactic is to hide near the edge of the circle and the storm. You can catch people out that are running from the storm.

Use the Ring to Your Advantage

Utilize the first Storm

During the first storm, you don’t take much damage. Use this to your advantage. Instead of running as soon as the storm gets too close. Why not wait in the storm for a few seconds. You will soon see other players desperately running to outrun the storm. This is a perfect time to pick them off.

This method works great in the first storm but is not advised after the second circle because you will take too much damage.

Ring Closing Pressure

This is a great method to put pressure on the enemy. If you know the ring is about to close and you see enemies. Shoot them up a bit. This will make them panic and because the ring is going to close and they are low on health. They will be too scared to push. This is the perfect time for you to push and get the kill.

Circle Awareness

Always stay aware of where the final circle is. Remember you can look in the map and zoom in to see exactly where the next circle is. Circle awareness is key to winning.

Apex Solo Looting Tips

Loot Wisely

Being alone, looting can be a dangerous game. So make sure to keep it quick. Try moving from left to right while looting so you’re not an easy target.

Prioritize Armor

You should always try to prioritize armor when you’re looting. Getting better at quickly going into the player’s loot and attaching the armor is an important skill to master.

Baiting the enemy

Playing blind

Another great tactic to use is to bait the enemy. If you see an enemy in the distance. Pretend you don’t see them. You could act oblivious to them then set yourself up in a building. They think you don’t know they’re there. But you do…sneaky.

The Animation Bait

This is another sneaky method to bait the enemy. This method involves using the game’s animation to get an advantage on the enemy. For example, climb up on top of a building. the enemy will follow you up. When they are climbing up the ladder. Their player gets stuck in the climb animation. They can’t shoot you like this. So climb up and wait for the bait.

Standing Still Bait

Try to mix up your movement patterns as much as you can. When you see an enemy nearby. Move and stop, then move again. Try to watch the enemy while you do this. The enemy will think they heard someone but they won’t be sure. This will bait them to come to you.

Using Grenades Smartly

For Distraction

This is fairly self-explanatory. You can use grenades to distract enemies in the direction you want them to look. For example, if you see an enemy ahead. Throw a grenade to the far right of them. Then quickly approach from the left.

For Defensive

This tip is similar to the last but this time you are trying to get the enemy to leave their defensive position. So throw a grenade behind them. This will make them think they are being third partied. Which will make them leave their position and push towards you.

There are many other ways you can use grenades to your advantage. If you ever find yourself going up a balloon, you are quite an easy target. If someone is shooting at you, throw a grenade at them. They will nearly always disperse quickly.

You could also use your grenade to break up a third party encounter. Throw a grenade at or behind the enemy you’re fighting and turn to take on the third party.

Let us know in the comment section if you have any tips to get more wins in solos. While you’re here, check out our other Apex guides.

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