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Top 10 Best Weapons to Use in Blackout 2019


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Wanna know what the best weapon is in Blackout 2019? Blackout certainly has a great variety of weapons to use. Some people are better at some than others. I personally suck at sniper rifles. It’s horrible and such a waste when I find one. If I’m playing as a team I will give it to someone else. It’s simply better off in their hands.

Below is a list of the top 10 best weapons in Blackout in 2019. Take a look and tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Number 1 – KN57

This gun is a melter. It wasn’t always this good but after recent patching, it drops people in seconds. The KN57 is most effective in medium-range engagements.

KN57 Best gun in Blackout

Number 2 – MP40

The MP40 is by far the best SMG in Blackout at the moment. It is a very versatile weapon for an SMG. It is most effective in close to medium range combat but can still pick people from a distance.

MP40 Best gun in Blackout

Number 3 – Spitfire

The Spitfire is a beast of a weapon in close-quarters combat. Pair it with a KN57 or ABR and you’re beasting.

Spitfire Best gun in Blackout

Number 4 – SWAT

The SWAT has been through a lot in recent updates. The damage was nerfed a lot and they added recoil to the gun. However, it’s still a very effective weapon mid to long-range.

SWAT Best gun in Blackout

Number 5 – RAMPART

The Rampart is a beast and probably one of the best Assault Rifles in the game. Throwing on some attachments like the 2x scope and a suppressor turns this weapon into a beast. It’s also not that rare of a gun so you’re bound to find it often.

Rampart Best gun in Blackout

Number 6 – ABR

This gun used to be one of the best in the game. However, with recent updates, they have added more time between bursts. The ABRs sweet spot is medium range combat.

ABR Best gun in Blackout

Number 7 – SG12

The SG-12 is a beast of a shotgun at close range. It’s a competitive one between the SG-12 and the MOG. However, the SG12 takes the crown because of its faster fire rate.

SG12 Best gun in Blackout

Number 8 – DAEMON

A burst SMG is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, the Daemons fire rate still competes with the other fully auto weapons in Blackout. Tap the trigger quick enough and there is not much difference. The weapon is most effective in medium-range combat

Daemon Best gun in Blackout

Number 9 – CORDITE

The Cordite takes the spot of number 9 for its close-range capabilities. It’s a melter up close. The other great feature about the Cordite is it’s 90 round clip. These strong features are balanced by the weapons high recoil pattern.

Cordite Best gun in Blackout

Number 10 – PALADIN

Certainly the best sniper in the game. The Paladin can vaporize people from across the map if in the right hands. However, there is a huge skill gap and snipers do take getting used to.

Paladin Best gun in Blackout

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