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How To Pick Up Loot Faster in COD Warzone

Here’s a quick guide on how to pick up weapons and loot faster in Call of Duty Warzone. It’s actually quite a simple setting that needs to be changed.

I was playing a game of Warzone with another randomer in the lobby. We were chatting away as gamers do and he heard me complaining about the loot system. He pointed out that you can change the in-game options in Warzone so that you need to hold down the pick up button to loot.

So I went ahead and changed the setting and it really helped.

After I did this, I hopped on Twitter and Reddit and it seems as though lots of people are having the same issue. Complaining having to hold down the button simply slows down the looting process.

It’s especially important at the start of a round when there’s a scramble to get the closest guns as quickly as possible. We all have those moments when we’re sent straight to the Gulag because we just couldn’t pick up that loot quickly enough.

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Tap to Pick Up Loot Settings Change

So here it is. Here is how you pick up loot faster in Warzone. Simply follow these steps…

  1. When in the Warzone game menu, Go to the Options Menu
  2. Go to the Controller Options
  3. Scroll down to the weapons sections
  4. Change the “Use/Reload Behavior” setting to Contextual Tap

The image above shows you the process we laid out above. See the option highlighted in the red box above. This is the option you need to change in order to simply tap to pick up loot in Warzone.

Now that you have changed this simple setting you should find it much faster when picking up loot around Verdansk.

All you need to do now is simply run over loot and quickly tap the pick-up button. Your character will now be picking up loot like a ninja.

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