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Mazda RX7 Spirit R Best Speed Tune Gran Turismo 7

This GT7 tuning guide goes over the Mazda RX7 Spirit R Best Speed Tune in Gran Turismo 7. We show you the exact parts and tuning needed to make this 482KMH Japanese Beast!

Vehicle History

The Mazda RX7 Spirit R Type A was first released in 1992 as a racecar. It was designed to compete in the Group A category of touring car racing.

The car was built on the lightweight Mazda FM platform and featured a turbocharged 13B engine. It was able to reach a top speed of 150 mph and could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 5.3 seconds.

The Mazda RX7 Spirit R was only produced for one year and a total of 1500 units were made.

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Car Specs

  • Top Speed: 482KMH
  • Max Power: 989BHP
  • Max Torque: 79.7 kgfm
  • Displacement: 654x4cc
Mazda RX7 Spirit R Best Speed Tune Car Specs

Car Parts

There’s been no parts added to this tune. We leave it up to you to mess around with the parts and make your own tune. However, make sure to follow the car settings below to make the Mazda RX7 Spirit R Best Speed Tune.


  • Weight Reduction Stage 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Increase Body Rigidity

Mazda RX7 Spirit R Best Speed Tune – Car Settings

Below are the following changes to make to the RX7 to make this tune. The numbers below are based on front and rear stats. The left number is the front and the right number is the rear.


  • Front: Soft Racing
  • Rear: Soft Racing


  • Body Height Adjustment: 85:95
  • Anti-Roll Bar: 10:10
  • Damping Ratio(Compression): 40:40
  • Damping Ratio(Expansion): 30:30
  • Natural Frequency: 1.90:1.90
  • Negative Camber Angle: 2.5:2.5
  • Toe Angle: 0.00:0.00

Differential Gear

  • Differential: Fully Custom
  • Initial Torque: 0:60
  • Acceleration Sensitivity: 0:5
  • Braking Sensitivity: 0:60
  • Torque-Vectoring Centre Differential: None
  • Front/Rear Torque Distribution: 0:100


  • Downforce: 20:20


  • ECU: Fully Custom
  • Output Adjustment: 100

Performance Adjustment

  • Ballast: 0
  • Ballast Positioning: 0
  • Power Restrictor: 100


  • Transmission: Fully Custom: Racing
  • Top Speed: 280

Transmission Manual Adjustment

  • 1st: 1.88
  • 2nd: 1.347
  • 3rd: 1.003
  • 4th: 0.836
  • 5th: 0.785
  • Final: 2.905


  • Nitro Overtake: Nitro
  • Output Adjustment: 50


  • Turbocharger: High RPM
  • Anti-lag System: None
  • Anti-Lag System: Off
  • Intercooler: None
  • Supercharger: None

Intake & Exhaust

  • Air Cleaner: None
  • Muffler: Racing
  • Exhaust Manifold: None


  • Brake System: Carbon
  • Brake Pads: Racing
  • Handbrake: Normal
  • Handbrake Torque: 0
  • Brake Balance: Brake Controller
  • Front/Rear Balance: 0


  • Change Steering Angle: Normal
  • 4WS System: None
  • Rear Steering Angle: 0


  • Clutch & Flywheel: Racing
  • Propellor Shaft: Normal


This tune was made by Pro Tune HD, check out his YouTube channel sometime.