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How to make the AUG Steyr variant in Modern Warfare?

Have you seen players using the AUG Steyr in Modern Warfare? Maybe you have wondered how to make it too. Well, we got you covered. 

In this guide, we show you exactly how to make the AUG Steyr variant of the AUG in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The Steyr variant is essentially the assault rifle variant of the SMG.

We also have an in-depth guide on the AUG in Modern Warfare where we look at weapon stats such as damage, recoil, and rate of fire. We also look at the best attachments and top three classes for the AUG. Check it out in the link above.

People who have been playing Call of Duty for a long time will remember the AUG Steyr from Black Ops. In Black Ops, it was just called the AUG. The same weapon has since reappeared in Modern Warfare 3 and now as a variant in Modern Warfare.

What you need to do first

First, you need to have all the necessary attachments unlocked to create the AUG Steyr. You can see these below in the guide. If you don’t have them unlocked yet. Don’t worry, keep grinding it out and you will get there. 

How to make the AUG Steyr in Modern Warfare?

The first thing to do is to attach the longest barrel. In this case, it is the 622mm Long barrel. Next, change the optic to an Integral 3.0x Optic. Finally, change the magazine to the 5.56mm magazine clip. This turns the weapon into an assault rifle.

AUG Steyr attachments Modern Warfare

AUG Steyr Stats

  • Damage: 32-16
  • Rate of Fire: 640RPM
  • Shots to Kill: 3-6

We can see from the stats above that the AUG Steyr will take out enemies with 3 to 6 shots depending on the range. Shots that land to the upper chest or head will clean enemies in 3 shots. The weapon then drops off to 6 shots at longer ranges. 

Best strategy for the AUG Steyr

The best way to use the AUG Steyr is in close to medium range combat with medium-range being the sweet spot. The weapon can get a 3 shot kill up to 37 meters. The Steyr also speeds up the ADS and Sprint out time making it a nice weapon to run and gun with provided you keep your distance from the enemy.