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Dodge SRT Tomahawk X Best Speed Tune Gran Turismo 7

This tune goes over the Dodge SRT Tomahawk X Best Speed Tune. We break down the best tuning needed to make this 420MPH speed tune.

The Dodge SRT Tomahawk is only 1 million credits so we suggest buying it when you have enough money.

Vehicle History

The Dodge Tomahawk X is a unique car that was first manufactured in 2003. It has a unique design and is very powerful.

The car has a V10 engine and can reach speeds of up to 400 miles per hour. It first appeared in Gran Turismo with the release of Gran Turismo Sport.

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Car Specs

This baby slaps 2586 Break Horse Power. Its an absolute rocket on the race track. Make sure to copy the car settings below to push the most out of the tune.

Dodge SRT Tomahawk X Best Speed Tune
  • Top Speed: 420MPH
  • Max Power: 2586
  • Max Torque: 124.2
  • Displacement: 7000

Car Parts

No car parts were added to this cat as it’s not needed. The car is an animal without any parts already.

Car Settings

Make sure to make the following adjustments to the car settings. Also, don’t forget to let us know in the comments section if you liked the tune.


  • Body Height Adjustment: 100:100
  • Anti-Roll Bar: 10:10
  • Damping Ratio(Compression): 40:40
  • Damping Ratio(Expansion): 50:50
  • Natural Frequency: 6.60: 6.60
  • Negative Camber Angle: 2.8:1.8
  • Toe Angle: 0.00:0.00

Differential Gear

  • Differential: Fully Custom
  • Initial Torque: 5:5
  • Acceleration Sensitivity: 5:5
  • Braking Sensitivity: 5:5
  • Torque-Vectoring Centre Differential: None
  • Front/Rear Torque Distribution: None


  • Downforce: None


  • ECU: Fully Custom
  • Output Adjustment: 100

Performance Adjustment

  • Ballast: 0
  • Ballast Positioning: 0
  • Power Restrictor: 100


  • Transmission: Fully Custom Racing
  • Top Speed: 600 KMH

Transmission Manual Adjustment

  • 1st: 4.18
  • 2nd: 2.67
  • 3rd: 1.80
  • 4th: 1.27
  • 5th: 0.95
  • 6th: 0.871
  • 7th: 0.837
  • Final: 3.050


  • Nitro Overtake: None
  • Output Adjustment: 0


This tune was originally made by HSG Automotive. Check out his awesome channel sometime where he makes lots of GT7 tunes.

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