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BK57 Stats Best Class Setups & Attachments COD Mobile

Ever wondered what the stats are for the BK57 in Call of Duty Mobile? Or maybe you are looking for the best attachments or class setups. 

This guide has you covered. Below, we go through the weapon statistics such as damage and fire rate. 

With this information, we provide you with the best attachments and class setups for the BK57 Assault Rifle.

Weapon background

The BK57 originally appeared in Call of Duty Online as the AKBP bullpup Assault Rifle. Noted for its medium-range and medium damage.

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  • Damage: 45 HP
  • Rate of Fire: 63
  • Recoil: Medium

Reading the stats above we can see that the BK57 can kill in 3 shots. The weapon is best used in short to medium range combat. The weapon’s stats are quite average across the board.

Best Attachments

The best attachments for the BK57 are Quickdraw, Foregrip, and Extended Mags. Quickdraw keeps your aim snappy and Foregrip keeps you on target. 

The BK57 is rather disappointing because of its low damage range.

BK57 Best Class Setups

These BK57 classes are geared towards various play styles so there is a class to suit everyone’s needs.

Class 1 – BK57 Conservative Play

This class is for players that rather sit back and take their time. The BK57 comes attached with the following:

  • Red Dot Sight
  • Foregrip
  • Extended Mags
  • Quickdraw

Class Setup

  • Secondary: The J358 is slow but powerful.
  • Perk 1: Skulker allows you to move faster while crouched.
  • Perk 2: Ghost keeps you off the radar.
  • Perk 3: Alert will give you the heads up to nearby enemies.
  • Lethal: Trip Mine as the back up to guard flanks.
  • Tactical: The Trophy system is great if you plan to stay in one area.

Class 2 – BK57 SND

This class is geared towards stealth and reconnaissance. Equip the following attachments on the BK57:

  • Red Dot Sight
  • Suppressor
  • Quickdraw
  • Foregrip

Class Setup

  • Secondary: The MW11 on the hip.
  • Perk 1: Agile to keep you hopping and gunning much faster.
  • Perk 2: Ghost because you don’t want to get spotted from above.
  • Perk 3: Engineer will make sure you spot a Trip Mine before it spots you.
  • Lethal: Trip Mines in Search and Destroy are your best friends.
  • Tactical: Chuck an EMP grenade down a rush route then pick off the confused enemies.

Class 3 – BK57 Long Ranger

This class works great for players that love to pick people off from range. The BK57 comes fitted with the following:

  • Holographic Scope
  • Foregrip
  • Extended Mags
  • Quickdraw

Class Setup

  • Secondary: MW11 is fast and reliable.
  • Perk 1: Flak Jacket because people will always throw explosives at players they cant hit from a distance.
  • Perk 2: Toughness will keep your aim steady making your aim better in long-range.
  • Perk 3: Tactical Mask will also protect you from incoming enemy tac equipment.
  • Lethal: Trip Mines to cover flank routes.
  • Tactical: Throw a Trophy System down near the objective.