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Best Mitsubishi EVO X Drag Tune Forza Horizon 5

This guide breaks down all the parts and tuning you need to make the Best Mitsubishi EVO X Drag Tune in Forza Horizon 5. You’ll have her ripping up the quarter-mile in no time.

The Mitsubishi EVO X has featured in every Forza since Motorsport 2 including every Horizon release. in Horizon 5 the car can be purchased for 43,000 CR in the Autoshow. You can also get it from the Auction House or in a wheelspin.


Vehicle History

The Mitsubishi Evo X is the tenth generation of the Lancer Evolution produced by Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi. The Evo model has been in production since 1992. It is now retired with the last Evo being the Evo X which was made in 2016.

Drag Tune Specs

  • HP: 844
  • Torque: 755FT-IB
  • Weight: 2,654IB
  • 0-60mph: 2.896s
  • 0-100mph: 7.921s

Mitsubishi EVO X Drag Tune Car Parts

Below are the parts required to make the drag tune. Make sure to not add a body kit because it adds unnecessary weight to the car. Also, when adding rims go with the lightest set that you like. You can also add a hood. We recommend the Chargespeed – street hood which removes extra weight. You can also remove the spoiler which further reduces the weight of the car.

  • Engine: Stock
  • Drivetrain: AWD
  • Tire: Drag
  • Clutch: Race
  • Transmission: Race
  • Driveline: Race
  • Differential: Race
  • Brakes: Race
  • Spring and Dampers: Rally
  • Front Anti Rollbar: Race
  • Rear Anti Rollbar: Race
  • Chassis Reinforcement Roll Cage: Race
  • Weight Reduction: Race
  • Intake: Race
  • Fuel System: Race
  • Ignition: Race
  • Exhaust: Race
  • Valves: Race
  • Single Turbo: Race
  • Pistons/ Compression: Race
  • Intercooler: Race
  • Oil/Cooling: Race

Drag Tuning

Copy the tuning specs below to make the best Mitsubishi EVO X Drag Tune in Forza Horizon 5. All the right tweaks have been made. If you have your own tune that you like make sure to let us know in the comment section below.


  • Front: 15
  • Rear: 15


Final Drive: 3.00

  • 1st: 3.95
  • 2nd: 2.60
  • 3rd: 1.90
  • 4th: 1.45
  • 5th: 1.10
  • 6th: 0.85



  • Front: 0
  • Rear: 0


  • Front: 0
  • Rear: 0

Front Caster

  • Angle: 6.5

Antiroll Bars

  • Front: 1
  • Rear: 1


  • Front: 456.1
  • Rear: 200.1

Ride Height

  • Front: 6.3
  • Rear: 6.3


Rebound Stiffness

  • Front: 11
  • Rear: 11

Bump Stiffness

  • Front: 1
  • Rear: 1




Braking Force

  • Balance: 50%
  • Pressure: 100%



  • Acceleration: 100%
  • Deceleration: 0%


  • Acceleration: 100%
  • Deceleration: 0%


  • Balance: 75%


This tune was originally made by MARZ TUNING, check out his YouTube channel sometime.

Again, make sure to let us know in the comment section if you liked the tune.

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