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Subaru WRX STI Best Drag Tune Forza Horizon 5

This guide takes you through the Subaru WRX STI Best Drag Tune and exactly what you need to do to turn the car into an animal on the strip.

The Subaru WRX STI is an icon of rally racing. It’s been a Horizon fan favorite since the very first Horizon in 2012. It’s famous for its kick-ass ability to handle dirt tracks but this time we show you how to tune it for the quarter-mile.

Vehicle History

As mentioned in previous guides the Subaru is an all-wheel-drive sports car made by Japanese car manufacturers Subaru. It is modeled off the Impreza, which was originally made for the World Rally Championships.

Drag Car Parts

Below are the parts you need to install one by one to make the tune. Most of the parts are Race. However, make sure to remove the wing to take off any extra weight. You also have the option to put on the Subaru street hood if you want. Rim style doesn’t make a difference.

  • Engine: Stock Power Train
  • Tire: Drag
  • Front Tire Width: 235mm
  • Rear Tire Width: 235mm
  • Front Track Width: Max
  • Rear Track Width: Max
  • Clutch: Race
  • Transmission: Race
  • Driveline: Race
  • Differential: Race
  • Brakes: Race
  • Spring and Dampers: Race
  • Front Anti Rollbar: Race
  • Rear Anti Rollbar: Race
  • Chassis Reinforcement Roll Cage: Stock
  • Weight Reduction: Race
  • Intake: Race
  • Fuel System: Race
  • Ignition: Race
  • Camshaft: Race
  • Valves: Race
  • Exhaust: Race
  • Displacement: Race
  • Pistons/ Compression: Race
  • Turbo: Race
  • Intercooler: Race
  • Oil/Cooling: Race
  • Flywheel: Race

Drag Tuning


  • Front: 15
  • Rear: 15


Final Drive: 3.60

  • 1st: 3.60
  • 2nd: 2.50
  • 3rd: 1.90
  • 4th: 1.45
  • 5th: 1.15
  • 6th: 0.71



  • Front: 0
  • Rear: 0


  • Front: 0
  • Rear: 0

Front Caster

  • Angle: 7

Antiroll Bars

  • Front: 1
  • Rear: 1


  • Front: 570
  • Rear: 270.2

Ride Height

  • Front: 6
  • Rear: 6


Rebound Stiffness

  • Front: 10
  • Rear: 10

Bump Stiffness

  • Front: 1
  • Rear: 1




Braking Force

  • Balance: 50%
  • Pressure: 100%



  • Acceleration: 100%
  • Deceleration: 0


  • Acceleration: 100%
  • Deceleration: 0%
  • Center

    • Balance: 70%


    So there you have, that’s the drag tune for the Subaru WRX STi in Forza Horizon 5.

    This tune was originally made by MARZ TUNING, go check out his channel sometime. He’s by far the best drag tuner in Forza.

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