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How to Get Better at Building in Fortnite

So you’ve been searching for how to get better at building in Fortnite? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Today we’re going to take you through the beginner methods you need to learn to get better at building in Fortnite.

This guide will cover the basic building patterns you need to know to quickly advance your Fortnite building skills. Before we get into the juicy bits, you should understand the core fundamentals of the Fortnite world…

Understand the World

The Fortnite map is a huge grid of squares similar to a chessboard. There are 4 types of building pieces you can place on the board. These include walls, floors, pyramids, and ramps.

When playing on PC it is highly recommended you bind these building pieces to an easily accessible key. This will make it so much easier for you to place them down quickly in the game.

Reinforced Ramp Rush

Ever been in a situation where an enemy is above you? You need to get to his level to stand a chance right? The first thing you do is build a ramp. That seems logical. However, the enemy sees you and keeps shooting down your ramp.

basic ramp in Fortnite

This is where you need to learn how to build a reinforced ramp. A single ramp just won’t cut it if you want to compete. A ramp can be shot down in only 5 bullets. However, if you reinforce the ramp with a wall, it will take the enemy 10 bullets to shoot it down. Giving you twice as much time.

Reinforced Double Ramps

You can also build two reinforced ramps side by side. You can practice this method by making two ramps and reinforcing those ramps with two walls. You do this by dragging the ramps and then dragging the walls in the opposite direction.

Ramp with wall Fortnite

However, keep in mind that anyone below you will still be able to shoot down your ramp. If you want to protect yourself from low ground enemies you need to learn how to make double-reinforced ramps.

Double Reinforced Ramps

You can do this by placing a floor and a wall after you place your ramp. This is a very effective method if you want to be protected from high and low ground enemies. Whether they are high or low, it will take 10 bullets to shoot down the ramp.

Reinforced Double ramps Fortnite

Now that you learned how to make reinforced ramps. The next thing you should learn is how to turn. It is important to know how to make 90 and 180 degrees turns.

How To Turn

90 Degrees Turns

Being able to change direction while building is important. You need to be unpredictable in Fornite. To do a 90-degree, turn to place a wall in the direction you want to turn, then a wall and finally a ramp. Essentially you will follow this pattern: turn, floor, wall, ramp and so on.

Turn ramp Fortnite

TOP TIP: If you’re getting stuck under your ramps while using this method. Remember to jump before you reach the midway point on the floor.

180 Degrees

Another great way to stay unpredictable is to completely change the direction you’re building in. To do this, place a wall at the top of your ramp, place another to your right and another behind you. Next, jump and place a floor then a ramp underneath you.

This is a great method to learn to keep your gameplay unpredictable and give you the high ground advantage. However, this can be shot down by low ground opponents. You could be up high when this happens. As a result, you will need to learn how to fall safely.

How to Fall Safely

The best way to fall safely is to make two walls and then a ramp to catch yourself. In the event of you falling, quickly look down, build two walls, then a ramp to catch you.

TOP TIP: Only make two walls when falling, if you make more than two you will take fall damage when landing on the ramp below.

Also, to speed this process up as much as possible, quickly drop from the ramp you landed on, build two walls and a ramp again. This will get you down much faster.

How to Turtle

Turtling in Fortnite is essentially surrounding yourself in a square box in order to protect yourself from enemy fire. To do this, turbo build a wall and spin 360 degrees. You are now surrounded by walls. Next, quickly build a floor above the box and a pyramid on top of the floor. You are now in a turtle.

Now you know how to build a turtle box. It is best to know how to get out of it quickly. An easy three-piece edit at the side of the wall will get you out nice and quick.

TOP TIP: For even more protection place a pyramid on top of yourself when you’re already inside the box. The enemy has to shoot through three layers to damage you. This gives you ample time to reload or heal yourself.

It is also important to learn how to escape from under this pyramid. Do this by simply raising a ground tile. This will edit the sidewall so you can escape.

Learning a 1×1

A 1×1 is essentially the same as building a box. However, you build multiple boxes stacked on top of each other. This is a fantastic method to gain high ground fast.

To do this quickly, build walls all around you, jump and then place a ramp. Again, quickly build 4 walls around you, jump, this time build a floor and a ramp. This method will stop you from getting stuck under the ramp.

Learn To Edit

Practice the 1×1 until you reach a few levels high. The next method to practice is to edit your way down the 1×1 you just built.

Editing is very important so it is vital to take your time and practice slowly. This will ensure your editing is consistent and not a waste of time.

To practice editing down the 1×1. Start by looking down at the floor, edit the ramp and then edit the floor. Look from right to left as you edit your way down the 1×1.

Editing Up a 1×1

You know how to add edit down the 1×1. Now you need to learn how to edit up the 1×1. To do this simply jump, look at the building piece you want to reset and confirm the edit. This will allow you to climb the 1×1 a lot more fluidly.

To speed up this process you can change your key bindings on PC. You can change the key bindings for Reset Building Edit and Building Edit to be the same key bind. Now when editing up the tower, you only need to double-tap the key you have assigned for both functions.

Wall Edits – Low to High

You will be doing wall edits a lot in Fortnite. So you need to know the best method to carry out this skill. You have to think about where your crosshair is placed. If you are editing from high to low. This leaves you looking down most of the time. This leaves you vulnerable and slow to react to oncoming enemies.

Editing in a low to high pattern means you need to move your crosshair a much shorter distance in order to aim at your enemy. Keep it in mind.

Practice in Creative Mode

Practicing in creative mode is a great way to learn faster. Practicing consistently will allow you to perform edits much faster. Practice building ramps and 1×1 and turtling as much as possible. These elements are vital to learning if you want to compete in Fortnite.

Extra Building Tip – PC Only

Another fantastic tool you can use to practice building in Fortnite is a tool called JustBuild. It is a building simulator that can be played very easily. You don’t need an account. You can simply set up a world and practice your building skills. It’s really handy, check it out sometime.

Wrapping up…

In this guide, we covered the basics of the Fortnite world, building ramps, turning and falling safely, 1x1s and edits. You need to combine these skills in order to get better at Fortnite. Take your time and practice slowly.

Let me know in the comment section if you have any more beginner tips on how to build in Fortnite.

Big thanks to Billy Bicep for teaching us how to do build better in Fortnite. It’s where we sourced the images for this guide.