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Warzone: M4A1 Best Attachments & Loadouts

The M4A1 is by far one of the most widely recognized Assault Rifles across the gaming community. The only rifle that can probably rival the M4A1 in terms of popularity is the AK47

In Warzone the M4A1 is an incredibly reliable and powerful weapon that is easy to use and control and is great for almost all ranges.

Best Attachments

The best attachments for the M4A1 in Warzone are the Grenadier Barrel, 60 Round Mags, and a long-range scope. The M16 Grenadier barrel increases damage range, overall bullet velocity, and reduces recoil. The 60 Round Mags attachment gives you extra firepower in your magazine. Finally, adding a scope is essential in order to pick players off from a distance.

Best Loadouts

The M4A1 for All Ranges

M4A1 Best Warzone Loadout:  All Ranges

This loadout is a great mid-long range build for the M4A1 that is still usable at short range. The attachments you need for this loadout are the Corvus Custom Marksman, 4.0x Flip Hybrid, Forge TAC CQS, Granulated Grip Tape, and the Commando Foregrip. 

These attachments will help you get good range, great damage, and better recoil control. The Corvus will give you better damage range, faster bullet velocity, and better recoil control. Everything you need to improve your M4A1. 

It does however, hinder your ADS and movement speed, which is why you take the Forge TAC CQS to get the ADS back at the cost of some aiming stability. 

The 4.0x Flip Hybrid will help you get a clear and clean view at various ranges. The Granulated Grip Tape provides increased aiming stability and steadiness when you aim while walking.

Finally, the Commando Foregrip improves your aim and recoil stability.

E.O.D. is the blue perk of choice for this build because you usually want to jump on players with this loadout, damaging them with range and then coming in closer for the kill. 

Overkill is your 2nd perk so that you can take a good SMG or shotgun to win close quarters combat. 

To complete your perks, take the Battle Hardened perk so that flashes, stuns and other utilities cannot slow you down as you get near your opponents.

The Team Destroyer

M4A1 Best Warzone Loadout:  Team Destroyer

This next M4A1 loadout is a little bit more focused on close to mid-range combat that can also be used to take shots at enemies at longer ranges. 

The Monolithic Suppressor provides great sound suppression that makes it difficult for enemies to hear where your shots are coming from together with increased damage range. 

Take the Stock M16 Grenadier to increase damage range, increased bullet velocity, and better recoil control. 

Next is the Stippled Grip Tape to improve your ADS and your sprint to fire speed. The Corp Combat Holo Sight may not provide zooming in at longer ranges but is a great optic for close to medium range combat. 

Finally, take the 60 Round Mag to increase your ammo capacity and be better built for long duration fights.

The perks you want to take with this build are Cold-Blooded, Overkill, and Amped. 

Cold-Blooded goes well with your Monolithic Suppressor making it very hard for enemies to locate you. 

Overkill will help you even out your loadout by taking a sniper to deal damage at longer ranges(if you have equipped one). Just make sure to also equip a Monolithic Suppressor to your 2nd weapon so that both weapons have sound suppression. 

Finally, the Amped perk will help you switch between your weapons. A good way to utilize this build is by chunking your opponents down with your sniper.

Then quickly changing to your M4A1 to finish them off, and any of their remaining teammates.