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Warzone: AUG Best Attachments & Loadouts

The AUG is a good powerful automatic weapon for short to medium range combat. It’s a light gun allowing you to move swiftly around the map while having it equipped and is very easy to use. You can quickly kill off enemies with the AUG if they are in range.

Best Attachments

The best attachments for the AUG in Warzone are the 5.56 NATO Rounds Conversion, Stippled Grip Tape and the 622m Long Barrel. The 5.56 NATO Rounds turns the AUG the fastest Time to Kill weapon in the game. The Stippled Grip speeds up the SMGs ADS. Finally, the Long Barrel gives the AUG a lot more range.

Best Loadouts

AR/SMG Hybrid

AUG Warzone Best Loadout: AR /SMG Hybrid

Fro the first AUG loadout, start by equipping it with a G.I. Mini Reflex allowing you to have better aiming and have a chance against enemies in medium range. 

Using a 622mm Long Barrel for better range and accuracy. Equip the 5.56 NATO 30-Round Magazine, this mag allows the AUG to have the lowest kill time at full HP of any automatic weapon found in the game. This means that you can instantly kill your enemies. 

Attach it with the FORGE TAC CQB Comb Stock for better control and lastly use a Tac Laser for increased accuracy while using sights. 

There you have it an AUG loadout great for close to medium range combat. This AUG loadout is best used when partnered with a great sniper weapon such as the AX-50 or the HDR. Use the sniper to deal with enemies at long ranges, and then use the AUG to finish them up at close to medium range. 

In this loadout the AUG is used as an AR/SMG hybrid, it’s great for rushing opponents because of its mobility. 

Double Time, Overkill, and Shrapnel are the perks that you should run with this loadout. Double Time gives you better mobility overall, Overkill allows you to use 2 primary weapons, and Shrapnel is amazing for dealing additional damage with explosives. 

Restock matched with Shrapnel is a deadly combo though so you can also take Restock instead of Overkill, though you cannot run the AUG-Sniper combo anymore, so it depends on your playstyle.

Close Combat King

AUG Warzone Best Loadout:  CQB King

This next AUG loadout is great for close-range combat, it allows you to dominate your opponents and kill them off easily. Equip your AUG with the G.I Mini Reflex allowing you to have a bit more range. Use the 407mm Extended Barrel this time for a bit more stability. 

Again make use of 5.56 ammo but this time we are extending it to 60 rounds for more firepower. Equip the 5.56 NATO 60-Round Drums. 

This allows you to take extended fights and trades without having to reload often when used properly, you can easily catch opponents off-guard. Equip the Stippled Grip Tape for a little bit more control. 

The smaller barrel and the grip make up for the heavy 60-round drum equipped still making the AUG a great choice for fast and mobile players. Lastly is the FORGE TAC CQB Comb stock for increased ADS speed and better-aiming stability. 

That’s it, this AUG loadout can easily demolish your enemies in close quarters combat.

This AUG loadout is best paired with an AR that can be used for medium to long-range combat, you can use the AR for enemies that are farther away, taking shots at them and blasting them down as you move closer, and finishing them and their remaining teammates with the AUG when you are near.

The perks that go well with this loadout are Double Time, Overkill, and Battle Hardened. Double Time gives you better mobility, which you need to get close to enemies.

Overkill allows you to get an AR for medium-long range combat, and Battle Hardened reduces the effectivity of flashes, stuns, and other tactical equipment, allowing you to get closer to them easier and strike before they kill you.