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Top 10 Best Weapons in Apex Legends Season 3

Season 3 of Apex Legends is here and after some weeks of playing and testing the new weapon META. We have compiled this list of the top 10 best weapons in Apex Legends Season 3.

Picking up a good weapon is crucial in order to win more games in Apex. It is very important to know the weapons because not knowing them means you could be prioritizing the wrong weapons. 

This guide will take you through the best weapons in Apex Legends Season 3. We will discuss each weapon’s ability in close to medium range combat as well as any attachments and or Hop-Ups you should be adding to the weapon. So without further ado, let’s get into the guide.

Just to mention we also have a breakdown of all the weapons in Apex Legends. You should check that out too. You’ll love it!

Charge Rifle

The Charge Rifle is the all-new addition to Apex Season 3. It is a brand new energy sniper rifle that has taken the spot for the best weapon in the entire game.

The main reason it deserves this spot is because of its hit scan feature. The Charge Rifle shines a beam at the enemy that does damage before even firing a shot. 

The beam deals up to 15, 3 damage ticks to enemies. The actual beam deals 45 damage per shot. Combining this weapon with extended mags will give you 7 shots per magazine. It’s simply a beast, make sure you’re using it.

G7 Scout

The light ammo sniper deserves its spot as one of the best weapons in Apex Season 3. It was always a favored sniper because of its quick rate of fire. This was always countered by its low damage range. 

However, now is Season 3, the G7 Scout’s damage has been buffed from 30 to 34 per shot. As if this wasn’t enough, they went and added the Double Tap Trigger Hop-Up.

This Hop-Up is the game-changer for the G7 Scout. It can now fire two bullets with a single trigger pull without a drop in fire rate. In addition, it also makes the G7 a more viable weapon in close range hip fire scenarios.

The Flatline

The Hemlock has seen lots of changes since Season 2. It’s taken a buff to its damage this Season, taking up to 20 damage per bullet. It has slowly become a very versatile weapon and can be used effectively in both close to long-range combat.

Moreover, the best part about the Flatline this season is the new Hop-Up, the Anvil Receiver. Adding the Anvil Receiver increases the damage of the weapon to 43 per shot. However, this means you will be firing slower and consuming more ammo. 

The Anvil Receiver Hop-Up turns the Flatline into a very versatile weapon. Switching over to semi-auto makes the weapon great in long-range encounters when trying to pick off the enemy.

Additionally, you still also have the ability to use the weapon in full auto for close to mid-range combat. It’s a win-win.


This nifty weapon took a big buff in Season 3. Most notably to its damage range. The Hemlocks damage was increased from 18 per bullet to 22. 

That is a massive increase in damage range. However, to balance this, Respawn increased the weapon’s recoil and reduced its fire rate.

With this buff, the Hemlock does 44 damage to the head. This means with a headshot and only a few shots to the body, you can down an enemy with relative ease.


The Havoc is a reliable weapon with decent damage at 18 as well as a headshot damage of 36. However, it does come with some healthy recoil. But there is hope yet, the weapon can also be modified pretty well to buff these stats even further. 

The weapon’s recoil can be countered with a stock and its rate of fire can be increased significantly by adding the Turbocharger Hop-Up. This gets rid of the weapons load up time before firing. 

In addition, the Havoc also takes energy rounds that deal with hard-hitting damage to enemy players. It is most certainly one of the top contenders among weapons in Season 3.


The Peacekeeper is the best shotgun in Apex Legends Season 3. Known for its one-shot burst potential up close and possibly the highest one-shot kill potential in the entire game.

The Peacekeeper is a lifesaver especially in the final circle when things get up close and personal. One close range burst from the Peacekeeper has the potential to take off all your shield. 

It wins a spot over the EVA-8 because of its ammo efficiency and stronger burst potential.


The R-99 is a great weapon in Apex. However, it took a hit from the nerf stick in Season 3. The R-99 submachine gun always had a great fire rate with the downfall of a small magazine size.

Of course, players could counter this by adding extended mags, boosting the mag count from 18 to 30. With the Season 3 nerf, the R-99 extended mags give players 27 bullets.

Although it was nerfed, the weapon still excels in close-quarter combat and it is still quite a viable weapon.


The EVA-8 is a great shotgun however it doesn’t deserve a spot above the Peacekeeper. Mainly because of its slightly lower rate of fire. 

However, the Double Tap Hop-Up introduced this Season really gives the EVA-8 a competitive bump among the weapons of Apex. Adding Double Tap allows the EVA-8 to fire 2 shotgun slugs in quick succession instead of 1 per trigger pull. 

The new Hop-Up doesn’t come without its drawbacks. It makes the recoil on EVA insane and good luck to your ammo reserves. The EVA chugs back ammo like there is no tomorrow.

As a result of this, the EVA-8 forces the player to pick up way too much shotgun ammo, potentially limiting a lot of your inventory space. 


The R-301 has always been a fan favorite since day one. However, since the end of Season 2, the R-301 was tweaked slightly and took a hit to its long-range recoil. This meant that it became no longer reliable in the areas where the weapon had always shined.

With the addition of the Anvil Hop-Hop this season. The R-301 saw a bump to its fire rate. However, the weapon is still rather heavy and difficult to maneuver with. 

If you’re using the R-301 in close quarters combat. Make sure you get those initial shots off first to maximize your chances of coming out of the battle alive.

Generally, the R-301 is a great weapon for people just starting to play Apex Legends. However, for the more competitive players, you will need to look elsewhere for the edge.


The Wingman has always been a great go-to weapon in Apex Legends. Even though its a pistol, it is a very versatile weapon. Known for its high damage and high burst output, it is still quite the viable weapon in Season 3. 

The Wingman has the ability to deal 100 damage per headshot and can still be used quite effectively at long range. Especially for picking off enemies with precise shots. 

Because of its ability to be used in long-range engagements. The Wingman makes a great second option if you cannot find a sniper rifle. All these factors mentioned above make the Wingman a solid and reliable weapon In Apex Season 3.