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How to Unlock Damascus, Gold and Platinum Camo Modern Warfare

Wondering how to unlock Gold, Platinum and Damascus camo in Modern Warfare? Some of you may not even know what the best camo in Modern Warfare is. Well, its called Damascus and we’ll explain how you unlock it below.

This guide will take you through what you need to do to unlock Gold, Platinum and Damascus camos in Modern Warfare 2019. 

We will also explain the camo leveling system and the challenges you need to complete to unlock each category of camos.

In addition, we also provide some quick tips to complete the camo challenges for each category.

The Camo System in Modern Warfare

The camo unlocking system is pretty much the same as all previous Call of Duty titles. Players need to complete challenges to unlock camos in-game.

Challenges include 800 kills with that weapon. Then the challenges get more difficult as you progress through unlocking the camos. The more difficult challenges include getting headshots or hip-fire kills.

There are 10 categories for each camo. Within each category, there are 10 variants of each camo category. Essentially there are 100 camos to unlock per weapon

Below is each camo category and their challenges in order to unlock all camos in that category:

  • Spray Paint: Kill 800 enemies
  • Woodland: 125 headshots
  • Digital: 160 kills while crouched
  • Urban: 75 Hip Fire Kills
  • Splinter: 100 longshots
  • Topo: 100 mounted kills
  • Tiger: 150 kills with all attachment slots
  • Stripes: 50 kills shortly after reloading
  • Reptile: 110 kills with no attachments
  • Skulls: 3 kills without dying 35 times

The Completionist level is Gold camo and unlocked when you complete all camo challenges for that weapon. 

Below will take you through what you need to do to get Gold, Platinum, and Damascus.

How to unlock Gold, Platinum, and Damascus in Modern Warfare


Unlock all camos on one weapon. For example, when you complete all camo challenges for the AK47. You will then unlock the Gold camo on the AK47.


Unlock all camos on all weapons in that weapon class. For example, you need to unlock all camos on the Assault Rifles to get the Platinum camos. Essentially, unlocking gold on all AR’s, unlocks Platinum on AR’s


Unlock all camos on every weapon in the game. This doesn’t need much more explaining. Unlock Platinum on all weapons in the game to unlock the infamous Damascus camo in Modern Warfare.

Top Tips For Unlocking Camos in Modern Warfare

Woodland Camos Tips

125 headshots

We recommend using some sort of sights on your weapon. This will make it a lot easier to aim for the head when taking shots. You need to become more conscious about aiming a little higher to maximize your chances of getting a headshot.

After you aim to shoot, quickly pull your crosshairs up towards the head. Always make sure you’re aiming for the higher chest region. The recoil should kick the weapon up towards the head.

Digital Camo Tips

160 crouched kills

This is not a difficult one to accomplish by any means. Your best bet is to play more objective-based game modes such as headquarters or domination. This way you can crouch somewhere and wait for the enemies to approach the objective.

Urban Camo Tips

75 Hip Fire kills

We recommend attaching a laser sight to your weapon. This will make it much easier to get hip fire kills. The laser sight is very effective in Modern Warfare.

Splinter Camo Tips

100 Longshots

For Splinter camos, you need to turn into a dirty camper. Get your claymores and pitch up in a room with a long-range of sight over the battlefield.

If you’re finding it harder to get longshots, we suggest playing realism mode. Enemies die much quicker in realism mode so longshots are not that hard to pull off.

Topo Camo Tips

100 mounted kills

Mounted kills are quite easy to get. Just mount yourself up somewhere strategic and wait for enemies. While going for Topo camos try to combine it with longshots to do both camos at the same time. Just make sure you have both unlocked first.

Headquarters is a good game mode to play for mounted kills. Set yourself up in the HQ and wait for enemies to run towards it. There’s always some easy pickings.

Stripes Camo Tips

50 kills shortly after reloading

The fastest way to unlock these camos is to play objective-based games like headquarters and domination. If the enemy has the headquarters and you are about to breach. Simply fire a shot off, reload, then rush in all guns blazing.

Skulls Camo Tips

3 kills without dying 35 times

This one shouldn’t be too difficult. We suggest playing Groundwar. Here there are lots of enemies and on big maps. So it shouldn’t take too long to complete. Just remember to die after every three kills you get if you want to speed up the process as much as possible.