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How to get better at PRO Rocket League

Rocket League is certainly not an easy game. It requires a lot of time and effort to improve. That being said there are things you need to focus on if you want to get the most from your grind.

I have compiled a list of some of the best things you can do if you want to get better at Pro Rocket League. 

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Practice your skills using Custom Training

This is a great feature that is underutilized by a lot of people. I use it a lot to practice dribbling sequences. It’s very easy to set up. All you need to do is give your custom training a name, set which sequences you want to practice. Select a map you would like to train on and that’s it. Get training. 

You can also share your creations with the community if you’d like. Make sure to take a look at the Browse section. This contains all the most popular sequences uploaded by the Rocket League community. If you find one you like. Use the favorite feature to save it for the next time you’re practicing.

Practice on workshop maps

Workshops maps are a great way to practice individual skills. Workshop maps contain customized maps with quirky and fun obstacle courses. You can practice any sort of skills from dribbling to ball and car control. Check out this post on Steam. It lists all the best Rocket League training maps to practice for competitive Rocket League. 

Learn Rocket League Rotations

If you want to take Rocket League seriously and start playing like a pro. You need to start learning the rotations. Learning and knowing the rotations is critical if you want to hang with the big boys.

I recommend checking out Kevperts rotations training videos. He covers all rotation training videos from basic to advanced. 

Mess around in Free Play

Free Play is a great mode to practice and master your Rocket League skills. I recommend spending at least a few hours a week in Free Play focusing on individual skills.

For example, if you had an hour session in Free Play. Spend the first 20 mins practicing dribbling then move on to flicking. Spend 20 minutes at that too.

If you organize and keep consistent. You will get better. Some of my friends use Free Play to warm up before playing ranked. They say it works well for them.

Try to master one particular skill

Anybody who wants to know how to get better at Pro Rocket League needs to know this one thing. Think about a skill in Rocket League you find difficult. Now, I want you to focus on honing that skill for the next week or so.

Say for example you suck at flicking. Really concentrate and practice getting better at it. This, in turn, will train your other in-game skills like ball and car control. So it’s a win-win. 

Play 1v1’s to train individual skills

1v1 is a great way to practice and train individual skills. Make sure to play 1v1 at least a few times per week. Don’t be afraid to go up against just one player.

A lot of people like playing in teams because it tends to hurt less when they lose. Stop thinking like that. 1v1s is a great way to learn skills like defense, player movement, and other mechanics.

Play Tournaments

Enter tournaments by yourself and with friends. You should try to play in tournaments that allow players from your ability and higher. That way you will be playing against players who are much better than you.

Make sure to watch the other players and learn how they move. Look at what tactics and movements they use. Ask yourself, what are they doing that I don’t?

Play ranked as much as possible

If you want to get better you need to play ranked as much as possible. That means stop playing Unranked games. Lots of my friends won’t play rank unless they are with a good team or their squad.

It is better to improve your game rather than worry about your rank. So stop worrying and get out there and practice. 

Check out Kepverts Rocket League Drills and Rotations

Kepverts videos are a fantastic resource to anyone looking to get better at Rocket League. He posts really useful tactics videos to help players get better. He has many videos where he analyses different in-game situations. I particularly like the Replay Analysis series he does. Which brings me to the last 2 points. 

Watch your Gameplay Replays

Go into the Replay section and watch your replays back. Be overly critical of yourself and focus on the decisions you made. Ask yourself why you did it and how you can do better next time.

This is a great way to find your strengths and weaknesses and look for opportunities to better your game. This is one of the reasons I like to watch Kepvert’s Replay Analysis series. He focuses down on what I mentioned above.

Watch and study the Pros

The last and final tip I will share with you today. Is to start watching some of the pro players do what they do best. You can take notes of how they move, their tactics and see what works for them.

Some of the pro teams you should be watching are Team Vitality, CLOUD9, and G2 ESPORTS. I mean, watching the pros is a great way to learn how to get better at Pro Rocket League. Right?