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SBMM in Cold War and Prestige System Returning

The community has been kicking off all weekend about whether SBMM is in Black Ops Cold War. Many of the influencers and big names on Twitter have spoken out about it including Scump and Charlie Intel:

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If anyone can feel Skill Based Match Making its Scump. The guy probably has a bad ass KD and I would imagine he’s put into lobbies with absolute sweats.

Charlie Intel tweeted this rather over the top comment. A little bit too much in my opinion but I guess the guy is annoyed because SBMM has the potential to ruin the game.

Charlie Intel tweeted another comment telling people to complain peacefully and to not be sending death threats to people over SBMM. I agree with Keshav here. Definitely don’t send death threats to people, please.

What they should do to handle SBMM in Cold War

Its not a difficult one to fix. The best thing to do is have a league play playlist like there was in Black Ops 2. Black Ops 2 had one of the best and most enjoyable MP in recent COD history. Competitive players could play in league play if they really wanted a challenge and blast it out in public lobbies if they wanted some fun.

As for the noob players, they will just have to tough it out in the lobbies and get better at the game. Like in the old days of COD. Go through the wars and come out tougher on the other end.

In addition. there was a potential discovery of a Prestige System in Cold War. Check out this image below.

Possible Prestige System in Black Ops Cold War

It appears to show a prestige emblem beside a player’s name in the lobby. This is the Prestige 1 emblem from Black Ops 4. This is not confirmed yet so we have to wait and see when the game is released.