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Make these changes to Black Ops Cold War

The Cold War Alpha has concluded. It was a fun weekend the community seemed to respond well to it, generally. There’s a lot of things that need to be fixed. This article is going to touch on some of the main issues I noticed.

Nerf sniper rifles

The Snipers are way too powerful in Cold War. I was going off with them and I suck with sniper rifles. I literally could never use them in past Call of duty titles. However, Tony Flame, a Treyarch Game Designer has said that they will be adjusted in the BETA.


Scorestreaks are a bit too easy to get at the moment. The score for each streak needs to be adjusted to make it a little bit harder to achieve streaks. I got two chopper gunners during the Alpha and I’m just an average player. I would struggle in past COD titles to get top tier streaks like the chopper gunner.

Realistically, I shouldn’t be complaining about this because it makes it easier for me. But for the overall balance of the game and fun for everyone. Streaks need to be tuned.

Nerf the launchers

The launchers are way too powerful. You can literally shoot out air support streak in one shot. The same goes for the Stoner LMG. It can tear apart air support in a few rounds. If you’re making the streaks harder to obtain, they shouldn’t be easy to get rid of.

Few bugs

There were a couple of bugs I noticed throughout the game. Especially in the settings menu. The game doesn’t seem to save your settings. I changed the motion blur and other settings but I had to keep changing them again at the start of every match.

Hit detection

The hit detection seemed a bit strange at times. I felt like some of my bullets were going through people. I guess this is just a typical Treyarch game. But the BETA should be even more polished in three weeks time.

Tone down SBMM

We discussed this in yesterday’s post on SBMM in Cold War. However, I feel I have to return to this topic again.

It certainly needs to be toned down. Its obviously a part of an algorithm and matchmaking service that takes into consideration multiple factors.

Again, casual players won’t notice it. It’s the good players that will be punished the most.

All they should do here is tone it down and create a league play for competitive players.


The BETA will be available October 8th with even more maps and modes available. I’m really excited to play the game and see what tweaks they have made.