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Top 3 things to change in Black Ops Cold War

I’ve started a YouTube channel where I’ll mainly cover Call of Duty new and old. I don’t have a proper mic and my Elgato is on the way. Go easy on me fellas lol.

Today I wanted to talk about some changes I want to see in the upcoming Call of Duty Cold War. 

There are lots of changes that have been made already that I’m happy about and I’ll talk about those too.

Combat Record

The first change that I want the devs to make is to let us and others see our Combat record. It was so much fun being able to see the combat record in past titles. 

Another great thing about that is you can see people’s KD and Win-Loss ratio. This makes it much easier to counter hackers.

For example, when I go back and play Black Ops 1 it’s always easy to spot a hacker. all you have to do is go into their combat record see that their KD is like 7 .0 and you know that they are hacking.

In the newer games this would be really useful because you can block people so you’ll never match with that person again  and you can report them straight away cuz you know for certain. They’re cheating.

Yeah so give us our combat record back Treyarch.

Skill Based Matchmaking

The second thing I’d like to see taken out of the game or tone down at least is skill based matchmaking. 

You know skill-based matchmaking it’s a tricky one because it keeps casuals coming back to the game which is good for business. 

but unfortunately that’s at the expense of the skillful player.

I noticed that when I’m playing the game I have a few good games then all of a sudden I’m put into a lobby with absolute sweats and it’s just not fun anymore. 

The other problem with it is that it prioritizes skill over the connection. I’m in Southeast Asia at the moment and I match with people from the US, and Europe. it’s crazy. 

Ping bars

Okay so the next thing I’d like to see changed or brought back to the game are the Ping bars.  

I mean what’s wrong with the Ping bars just let us see what our connection speed is. It gives us a good idea of what our ping is to the server.

It just doesn’t make any sense  to have it hiding away in the menu. I want to be able to quickly check my connection.  not pause the game and go into the menu just to see it. 

That’s an easy change in my opinion.

That’s pretty much it I don’t ask a lot.  Now I want to talk a little bit about changes that we know have already been implemented.

Other changes Im happy about

No doors in Multiplayer

So they’ve taken the doors out of the multiplayer this is a really good change in my opinion. 

To be honest I think the doors just promoted camping.  I’ve done it myself in Modern Warfare. Closing the doors makes it so much harder to throw flashbangs or C4 if there is someone who might be camping in the room.  

So that’s an all round good thing.  as long as we have more movement in the game that’s all that matters.

Less windows

I know I haven’t played the game but I’ve seen footage from other content creators. It  definitely looks like there are less windows and places to perch up and come from. So all around that’s a good thing because again it promotes movement and less slow-paced gameplay.

Theater mode is coming back

Yes so theatre mode is coming back as well.  This is great news for Content creators and people who just like to mess around on the theater mode.  I know there’s lots of YouTube channels that like to make montages so that’s great news for them.

Dead Silence is a perk

Okay so the final thing is dead silence is a perk again.  I don’t know why they took this out of the perk slot and made it into a field upgrade for Modern Warfare.

But thankfully Treyarch knows what’s up and it’s back in the perk slot. 

From what I understand it doesn’t make it completely silent.  I think if the enemy is a certain distance away you’ll be silent but once you get close to the person they can hear very soft footsteps.  

We’ll just have to wait and see when we play the Alpha tomorrow.