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Rare Temtem Locations & Spawn Rates Map

We all want to know how to find that rare Temtem and the chances of finding them. This guide takes you through all the rare Temtem. We reveal where rare Temtem is located and your chances of meeting them.

Each location is explained along with a map to help you quickly find it as you play.


Barnshe is the first rare Temtem you have a chance of finding in the game. It is a powerful Temtem with very high base damage in both Special Attack and Special Defense. 

It is a very rare Temtem with only a 5% chance of spawning. If it spawns, it is highly recommended to capture this Temtem. Barnshe is quite a powerful and flexible Temtem. You can teach it many other techniques including Mental, Earth, Wind, Toxic and Neutral.

Where to find Barnshe?

Barnshee can be found at the top of the Winward Fort on Deniz Island. This is the location you first fight Lady Lottie. 


Nessla is a beast of a Temtem that performs better than average in nearly every base stat. One of the best techniques Nessla has is Electric Synthesise.

This enables it to heal instead of taking damage when attacked by electricity. This means Nessla can stay on the battlefield longer without having to use items.

Players have a 10% chance of meeting Nessla.

Where to find Nessla?

There are 2 main areas you can find Nessla. It can be found at the waterfall on Route 2 of the Thellasian Cliffs and by the Sillaro River in Route 4.


Oceara is a very powerful Temtem in terms of speed and special attacks. Attacks like Aquatic Whirlwind and Lizard deal well over 100 damage. 

Oceara’s spawn rate is 5% so make sure to hang around long enough if you want to capture it.

Where to find Oceara?

Oceara can be found at the base of two waterfalls in the Aquamarina Caves.


Kinu is a Nature and Mental type Temtem with great Stamina, Speed, and Special Defense. These traits make it a really strong support Temtem.

Its highlight moves include Beta Burst and Lifeful Sap. Beta Burst fires a mental barrage of energy at your opponent while Lifeful Sap drains health from enemies and gives it to you.

Kinu currently has a 5% chance of spawning.

Where to find Kinu?

Kinu can only be found in 2 locations on Omninesia Island. Both locations are in the Giant Bunyan. It is also required to be level 24 to 28 in order to catch this Temtem.


Crystle is a Crystal Type Temtem. It is one of the starter Temtem options. Well if you don’t already know. Starter Temtem can be found again in the wild. 

Although Crystle hasn’t got the most impressive stats. Being able to take out Temtem that are weak to Crystal techniques is certainly worth mentioning. 

Crystle has a 5% spawn rate.

Where to find Crystle?

Crystle can be found in 2 areas of Tucma Island. In the Mines of Mictlan on Route 11 and Kupeleleza on Route 12. 


Gyalis is a Crystal and Melee type Temtem with high stats in Damage, Speed and Attack. It also boasts really dangerous attacks such as Major Slash, Crystle Bite, and Drill Impact. 

The spawn rate of Gyalis is 10%.

Where to find Gyalis?

Gyalis can currently be found on Tucma Island in the Mines of Mictlan on Route 11. 


Valash is a Neutral and Crystal type Temtem with pretty decent Speed, Attack and Special Attack stats. The highlight of Valash is its trait Scavenger. This enables a 20% HP restoration when a Temtem is knocked out. 

Valash has a spawn rate of 10%.

Where to find Valash?

Valash can be found on Tucma Island in the Mines of Mictlan on Route 11.


Shuine is a Crystal and Water type Temtem. Shuine has great Stamina and Speed with above-average Speed and Special Attack.

Besides these, the other stats seem just average. Shuine has two main powerful moves, Ninja Jitsu and Crystal Bite. These are certainly a testament to the Temtems best abilities. 

Shuines spawn rate is 5%.

Where to find Shuine?

Shuine can be found on Tucma Island in 1 location in Kakama Cenote. 


Tuwai is a Wind Temtem with not so impressive stats. However, the Temtem can be evolved into a more powerful Temtem like Tuvine and beyond. The highlight of Tuwai’s moves is Tornado, a powerful wind technique.

Tuwai’s spawn rate is 5%.

Where to find Tuwai?

Tuwai can be found in the Corrupted Badlands on Route 9, Tucma Island.

Images Source: Legion Gaming & Temtemstrat