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Which Is The Best Starter Temtem?

Are you stuck and wondering which starter Temtem should you pick? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Today we go through everything you should consider and think about before you choose your starter TemTem.

People coming from Pokemon will know how important a decision it is when choosing your starter. In Pokemon, you could never find or very rarely find starter breeds again in the wild. However, in Temtem it is still possible to find the starter breeds. So we guess that’s a plus in some sense!

The important thing to remember when choosing your starter Temtem is that all the Temtem have strengths and weaknesses. One Temtem may be strong at the start of the game. Whereas another may be weak.

However, as you level up and build your Temtem, they may live to out-strengthen the other Temtem that you thought was stronger.

What is the best start Temtem?

In summary, the best starter Temtem is Smazee. This is because Smazee will serve you well into the long game. It only has one weakness and can pretty much smash all opponents in the early game. 

Keep reading to discover our break down of each starter Temtem.

The Three Starter TemTems

When booting up the game for the first time. You will be asked to choose your starter Temtem. 

There are three Temtem to choose from. These are:

  • Crystle
  • Houchic
  • Smazee


Crystle is a Crystal Temtem. Its strengths shine through when up against Electric and Mental types. Crystle weaknesses are prevalent when up against Earth and Fire.


  • HP: 60
  • SPD: 33
  • SPATK: 46
  • SPDEF: 42
  • DEF: 69
  • ATK: 61
  • STA: 41


Let’s discuss Crystle’s weaknesses first. We know that it’s weak to Fire but this shouldn’t be an issue early on in the game. This is because, throughout the first Dojo, there won’t be any fire attacks in the game. So as a bonus, you won’t have to worry about one of Crystle’s weaknesses at least at the start of the game.

Moving on to Earth. You will encounter quite a few Earth attacks at the start of the game. However, they are nothing to worry about. 


You will come against quite a few Electric attacks at the start of the game. As a result, being strong against this means you should be able to take them out easily.

In terms of being strong against Mental opponents. This is also a great bonus to have early on in the game.

Overall, Crystle is a strong and great Temtem to choose and will excel early on in the game


Houchic is a mental Temtem. It is good against Neutral and Melee but weak against Crystal.


  • HP: 38
  • SPD: 66
  • SPATK: 72
  • SPDEF: 52
  • DEF: 41
  • ATK: 40
  • STA: 44


Houchic is only weak against Crystal Temtems. This is nothing to worry about because at the start of the game. You won’t be coming up against many Crystal attacks.


However, there is a tonne of Neutral and Melee at the start. Therefore, Houchic will excel in early games. Just be careful because you could end up destroying the Temtem you’re trying to catch. 

Overall, Houchic is a great Temtem to start with and use in the early game. Mainly because it can smash the weaker opponents. However, it may not be effective against the more powerful opponents. So keep this in mind.


Smazee is a Melee Temtem. Smazee’s strengths excel against Earth and Crystal. However, it’s weak against Mental types.


  • HP: 49
  • SPD: 66
  • SPATK: 37
  • SPDEF: 37
  • DEF: 44
  • ATK: 69
  • STA: 55


Houchic is weak to Mental types. This is important to consider because of one of the hardest fights before the first Dojo puts you up against a very strong Mental enemy. Unfortunately, Houchic will be a one-hit one kill. So you will need to counter this with another Temtem you’ve captured.


Smazee’s strengths don’t really serve him too well at the start of the game. You will only sometimes come up against Earth and Crystal attacks at the start of the game. His strengths will serve you more as you progress through the game.

Overall, Smazee is a great pick when playing the long ball game. Yes, it will suck at the start. But later on in the game, you will be strong against Earth and Crystal attacks which you will encounter way more of.