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PUBG Sanhok Best Landing Spots

Everyone who plays PUBG wonders where the best places are to land on the map. After all, it is crucial knowledge to have when playing Player Unknown Battlegrounds.

Knowing the drop spots in PUBG serves everyone. For example, if you are just a beginner, landing in a hot spot will get you killed immediately. On the flip side, if you’re playing for a while you may be looking for new ideas on where to land.

This guide takes you through all the best areas to land in PUBG Sanhok regardless of whether you are a beginner or someone that has been playing for a while.

We have broken down each area based on the loot quality and the number of people that land there. We also suggest some fun and different areas for you to land in order to keep your gameplay fresh and fun.

There is also a map of the best places to land in PUBG Sanhok provided for quick reference. That’s enough of the explaining, let’s get straight into it.

Sanhock Drop Spots Map


Quarry is a large cement factory just west of Kampong. It is a series of large craters in the ground with loot scattered throughout.

Quarry PUBG Sanhok Best Landing Spot

We don’t recommend dropping directly into the quarry. Your best bet is to drop around the large warehouses to the southwest of quarry. The quarry itself is too open which leaves you vulnerable in the early rounds. 

The warehouses contain reasonable loot and you will definitely find decent AR and a helmet and vest. These warehouses tend to be less busy. Therefore, they are a great place to drop if you’re not looking for something too chaotic from the start.

Mount Tyna

Mount Tyna sits just east of Camp Alpha. It is one of the highest points on the map and features some beautiful views over Sanhok. It contains average gear so not many people drop here. 

Mount Tyna PUBG Sanhok Best Landing Spot

However, it does make a great strategic area. Landing here allows you to look over anyone rotating out of Camp Alpha. Depending on where the next circle is, this can make for some easy pickings. 

On the flip side, if the loot pool isn’t great at Mount Tyna. You can easily make your way down the mountain and move into Camp Alpha for more looting. However, Camp Alpha tends to be a popular spot to drop so be careful when approaching this area.

Ha Tinh

Ha Tinh is just north of Mount Tina mentioned above. This abandoned village is relatively quiet for the most part. Its many houses provide lots of cover when you drop. You can find average loot here at best but with the advantage of having the area to yourself.

Ha Tinh PUBG Sanhok Best Landing Spot

If you need to escape to the next circle, there are boats along the dock located to the north of the settlement.

We love dropping here and then pushing our way over to either Paradise Resort or Bootcamp depending on where the play is being driven.

Camps Alpha, Bravo, Charlie

There are three main camps on Sanhok PUBG. The camps are Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie. To the west sits camp Alpha, in the east is Bravo and finally in the south is Charlie.

All Camps PUBG Sanhok Best Landing Spot

All camps are hot zones, especially in squads. Players can expect a tonne of loot here. However, with a tonne of loot comes a tonne of enemies. In addition, the enemies dropping here are probably the veterans of PUBG so its safe to say the camps are not for noobs.

Essentially, the camps are high risk, high reward areas. If you make it out alive you will be geared to the nines. However, there is also a very big chance you will be sent straight back to the pregame lobby. If you don’t like the sound of the camps, we have many more suggestions in this guide, keep reading.


Cave sits on the southeastern coast of Sanhok. It’s one of the more picturesque drop zones on the map. You can find decent loot here but despite this, people love to land here. 

Cave PUBG Sanhok Best Landing Spot

If you land here and fight your way out. Take the jetski and race out of the cave. Riding the jetski also gives you strategic access to a lot of other loot spots on Sanhok. However, be careful, riding a jetski is loud and can give away your position.


Docks is a large ship dock at the very southeastern tip of the map. It is best suited for playing solos because there is probably not enough loot here for an entire squad.

Docks PUBG Sanhok Best Landing Spot

If you decide to land in Docks, make sure to land as early as possible and get out of there fast. Immediately to the west of Docks is higher ground which leaves you vulnerable to enemies passing by. 


This is possibly the most unique location in Sanhok. Ruins is iconic for its crazy maze system. It is in fact based on Marauk U Ruins in Myanmar, Asia.

Ruins PUBG Sanhok Best Landing Spot

The central temple is the hotspot of Ruins. So if you want an all-out war from the beginning, drop here. However, if you want to play it more strategically. We recommend dropping in the smaller ruins around the main temple. 

Landing in the smaller ruins will still bag you some mid-tier loot and set you up to ambush enemies rotating from the main temple. Ruins is a hotspot so there will be no shortage of enemies to ambush.

Paradise Resort

Like all other PUBG maps, the center point of the map is the hottest drop zone on the map. Paradise Resort is a busy location packed with top tier loot. Half of the players in the game are probably eliminated in this area alone. 

Paradise Resort PUBG Sanhok Best Landing Spot

Its many buildings provide lots of cover when you land but you won’t get much time to breathe because of the sheer volume of players landing here. If you want a less chaotic experience, aim for the smaller buildings to the north and south of Paradise. 

These buildings normally have mid-tier loot and make a great tactical spot for picking off enemies coming out of the resort.


Another central location on Sanhok is Bootcamp. Bootcamp is a large military area reminiscent of Military Base from Erangel. This is the hottest area to drop in Sanhok.

Bootcamp PUBG Sanhok Best Landing Spot

The loot is incredible but the amount of enemies is insane. We recommend jumping here if you want lots of action from the start. 

However, if you want to win more games we don’t advise landing in Bootcamp due to the fact that it’s so easy to die in.

Pai Nan

Pai Nan is a small settlement split in two by a river. One side of the town is on the southwestern island and the other half is attached to the mainland. It is still relatively central but without the hordes of people that land at Bootcamp, discussed above.

Pai Nan PUBG Sanhok Best Landing Spot

Pai Nans layout provides plenty of cover and the fact that the island is split in half makes it easier to hold. It is a great spot to land in both solos and squads.