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PUBG Karakin Tunnel & Office Locations

Have you been asking yourself where the tunnel entry locations are in Karakin? This guide has you covered. Today we reveal all the tunnel locations and entry points. You will also find the office locations marked on the map below.

Karakin is PUBG’s Season 6 map which brings with it many new dynamics. From Sticky Bombs to destructible walls, this small and fast-paced map provides tonnes of action-packed chicken dinner moments. 

If you want to know the best places to land in Karakin and the best strategies in these drop spots. We have a Karakin best drop spot guide here. It comes along with a map for quick reference.

Karakin Tunnel Locations

There are a total of 13 tunnels in Karakin. They are pretty much spread evenly throughout the map with the biggest tunnels in the center and to the south of the map.

There are three types of tunnels:

  • Dead-end Tunnels
  • 2-way Tunnels
  • 3-way Tunnels

Dead-end Tunnels lead to a dead-end and are pretty much only good for camping in or taking cover. There are a total of 5 dead-end tunnels. They are marked in red on the map.

2-way tunnels are tunnels that have two routes and normally one turn. They are good for loot and like the bigger tunnels, they also have top tier loot. Like the dead-end tunnels, there are a total of 5.

3-way tunnels are a lot bigger and have three routes to take. These are the best tunnels to take and are always loaded with great loot. There are only 3 of these at the center and southeast of Karakin. 

On this map, you will also find the Jamilla office locations. These are one and two-story offices which can only be accessed by destroying the walls with sticky bombs or C4. Three of the offices are 1 story and the other is a 2 story building.

There are 2 types of office buildings:

1 story office buildings are buildings that only have 1 floor. There are three types of these buildings. Each of them contains decent loot. However, you need to blow up the wall to gain access.

There is only one 2 story building in the game and it is located just west of Al Hayik. In our Karakin best drop spot guide. This is our top landing spot because the building has two levels of decent loot. Moreover, it also has access to a 2-way tunnel system that is guaranteed top tier loot.

The three-way tunnels are the best for loot as they contain big rooms packed full of loot. Therefore, if you’re looking to loot tunnels do so in the tunnels marked in blue on the map. These will reward you with the best loot in Karakin. 

Beware of the large three-way tunnel system southeast of Hadiqa Nemo. The tunnel entry point to the west has an underwater section. Therefore, you will need to take a deep breath and keep your breaststroke game strong. It’s also important to remember that you can loot underwater while you swim

Image source: PlayerIGN